Keith Goodman

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Keith Goodman is the person inside Sky High, the popular King of Heroes that is popular with men and women of all ages.

Refreshing, good-looking and diligent, he is relied on heavily by the other heroes.
However, he is a character who is such a natural airhead that it is refreshing.

In my beloved episode 15, it goes to the point where he mistakes Cis, an android, for a real person and falls in love with her.
Of course, there are many doujinshi with that Cis!

Though I really like the word "Arigatou" (Thank you), he also uses it frequently.
His catchphrase is "Arigatou, soshite arigatou!" (Thank you, and again, thank you!)

It is really wonderful how he ends up saying thanks twice at once.
I like that part of him which overflows with human kindness.

Keith Goodman's voice actor also voices Kuroko Tetsuya. Please definitely check that show as well.

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