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Katsuki Yuuri is the hero of TV animation Yuri!!! on Ice
He is a special trained figure skater, 5th year in senior and is 23 years old!

He is from Hasetsu of Kyusyu, and his parents manage Onsen (a hot spa) hotel. His favorite food is katsudon.

As I wrote like this, he may seem to be “an ordinary skater who loves katsudon”, but this is not the case!

Yuuri has an original sense of rhythm, is good at steps, and he has the ability to participate in Grand Prix Final!

Although… As he is timid and not strong against pressure, he failed at his first Grand Prix Final.

Yuuri returned home to Hasetsu after 5 years from Detroit where he was skating, to think what to do next, including retirement. (With a fat body which could not be that of a skater…)

He failed in Grand Prix Final, and he is fat around the middle.
Yuuri is at the bottom of his life!?

But this didn’t take long. The number one skater of the world, Victor, that Yuuri long for, came to Yuuri’s parents’ hot spa hotel and said he will be the coach of Yuuri.

And, Yuuri is going to aim the championship at next Grand Prix Final with Victor, for whom he longs.

Victor became his coach, and the whole environment changed in a second.
How will become Yuuri? Will he be able to win the championship at Grand Prix Final?

I am looking forward to see how Yuuri will skate. (ノ*'ω'*)

Yuuri of Yuri!!! on Ice, which is said to be the most exciting animation of 2016 automn, has a gap and he is attractive for it.

I will introduce you the 2 gaps of Yuuri!

1. He doesn’t like losing, out of expectation!
For example, at the first story of the animation, he cries in the toilet because he lost badly at Grand Prix Final. At the 5th story of animation too, he challenges a difficult jump not listening to Victor.

I found he was not only a weak and kind boy, and he attracts me by his gap!

I wish he will make efforts for other matches, making most of his character.

2. He is hot during the match like another person

After meeting Victor, Yuuri expresses better and better, and these days, he is abnormally hot!!!

Yuuri usually wears glasses, but when he skates he doesn’t wear glasses. This fact already makes me excited, but his sexy look makes me even more excited!

Those who watch the TV animation! Please check out the sexy look of Yuuri when skating!

I introduced you the gaps of Yuuri, but also his kind aspect and adult aspect when talking with a junior Russian skater Yuri, are attractive, too!

Let’s cheer up Yuuri together♪

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