Kariya Masaki

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Kariya Masaki

Position: Defender
School: Raimon Junior High School

He came to Raimon Junior High School in middle of the semester.
He was in the same class with Kazematsu Tenma and he decided to join the Soccer team.

He is a player with an excellent sense with body balance.

He gave an idea for Tenma and Nishizono Sinsuke's critical skill's name. But because he had no sence of coming up with a cool name, Tenma and Sinsuke laughed hard. When Tenma and Sinsuke was laughing, Kariya's face turned all red, and I thought that was so cute!

Also, he is a fan of a reporter which is a girl name, Jun Tominaga.
When he talks about her his eyes are lively shining. And that's cute too!

On Doujinsi, Kariya is drawn with Kirino Ranmaru many of the time.

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