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KAITO is a Vocaloid who has an attractive adult male voice!

His vocal ability was slightly limited comparing to other early Vocaloids.
But it is getting attention again since new version will be released on February 2013! Many newest technologies that make vocal sound more natural are used on this version such as English pronunciation and softer voice!

He is recognized among fans as "Kind and comfortable older brother", "Good looking guy, in rare cases" and "Glutton who always eats ice cream".

Also, he is treated as "Neta-chara (Those who can't be controlled)" more times than other VOCALOIDs, and stands out by his unique impression. ...Nothing but muffler? Whatya talking about?(^ω^)

One of his popular song is "Hikyou sentai Urotandah(卑怯戦隊うろたんだー)"! Among serious songs, "Sen'nen no dokusouka(千年の独奏歌)" and "Cantarella". He seems to have many duets with Miku.

In Dojinshi, he is sometime good elder brother of Miku, sometime teased by Rin and Len, everyone loves him after all!

He often plays the role of "reliable guy", but he can perform boke too!
Anyway, every fan makes his/her fantastic KAITO, try to find your own favorite one!

But, personally, I love cool KAITO with Len! He is absolutely cool then! Please check it out!

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