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Abilities:Stockpiling misfortune
Theme song:Dark Side of Fate

Kagiyama Hina is a Boss Character that appears in Touhou Fuujinroku ~ Mountain of Faith.
She is a Goddess of Misfortune, staying in the Great Youkai Forest, near a river.

She was originally born of a ritual known as the "Nagashi Hina", a water rite where the filth of human beings were believed to be taken away by the drift of the water.
As such, she is a Goddess of Misfortune, and the Misfortune that was collected from humans drifts around her all the time.
The Misfortune is so heavy that even Marisa have to call out "Engacho".
While the Misfortune will not cause harm to herself, people will avoid her as it would still bring bad luck to people around.
But because she treasures humans, when Reimu and Marisa came to the mountain, she advised them to leave.

Her trademark in appearance is her gothic lolita outfit, long hair and a large ribbon.
While she may look like an ominous character at first glance, she conversed with a cheerful tone with Reimu and Marisa in the game.
One can say that from the bright smile and expression with the conversation, she is a very nice person. The tempo of the BGM runs fast, and the dark atmosphere matches her very well.
Also, the midway BGM was also beautifully done up to suit the flow of the game, so do please enjoy it along with the original game.

In many doujinshis, she often appears along with Kawashiro Nitori, the boss of Stage 3 of the game.
You should really check out the books that shows how Nitori and Hina gets closer to each other in a bright and cheerful manner.

On a side note, I love Kagiyama Hina as much as I do with Huziwara no Mokou.
She will be my bride.
I love Hina-sama!!

She is often with characters like Shameimaru Aya, Inubashiri Momiji, Kawashiro Nitori , etc.

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