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Kagamine Len is “cool”, “cute” and “Ike Len”. He sings more love songs than Rin, and especially, “Migikata no Chou” is my favorite song!

Len is often with Rin but he often teases KAITO. Len is often depicted as childishly. I think that it is the effect of “The Rampage of Kagamine Len”.


I like "Fire ◎Flower" in the song of Len. And I also like "Paradichlobenezene" which is the dark melody. It has characteristic that there are many "cool" songs like that in Doujin Music Work!

The characteristic of the Items of Len is that there are many cute mini-characters. Especially there are many Items which Len wears the costumes of butler and cat, and I recommend the badge and the key chain.

The song that I Len knew for the first time is “Servant of Evil”. Perhaps, it is the first song of Vocaloid which I was moved to tears. If you listened this song, please listen “Regret Message”, too.

BOKU no honki misete ageru yo!

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