Kaenbyou Rin

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・Kaenbyou Rin
Abilities:Carrying away corpses, controlling and communicating with spirits
Theme song:Corpse Voyage ~ Be of good cheer!

Kaenbyou Rin is the Boss of Touhou Chireiden ~ Subterranean Animism.
She is a Kasha, and she lives in Chireiden.

She is Oku's best friend and Satori's pet.
Rin and Oku were managing a hell. But one day, Oku got the power from Kanako.
Oku got more and more power, then she tried to manage the earth.
Rin was feared Oku may be punished by Satori or demons in the bottom of the earth.
So she scattered bad ghosts on the earth to ask somebody stop Oku before Satori and demons would realized.
Noticing the accident, Reimu and Marisa headed to the subterranean.
Also, she likes to carry dead bodies in their wheelbarrow.

In some Donjinshi, due to their ability, she doesn't get along with Onozuka Komachi, a reaper so that Miyako Yoshika, a hopping vampire is finally summoned.
In addition, she can take advantage of another special skill when she is in a war, she can control the revengeful spirits in dead bodies and attack their enemies. Consequently, there are plenty of ghosts around her.

On the contrary to this, however, she is very cheerful and straightforward.
Plus, she made all this plan only because she was so much worried about Oku, which resulted from her true concern for her best friend.
In the original story, it is so strong that even be said the strongest boss in the 5th stage.
The degree of difficulty is high to the extent of that many people are unable to defeat her to proceed on the stage Chireiden.

Among other things, Apology "The Needles of Yore and the Vengeful Spirits in Pain" has very high difficulty, and even many of fanatic people come to be blocked here.
Donjinshi touches the members of Chireiden as like Oku, Satori, and Koishi a lot. Although the backgrounds of the stories are somewhat dark, many of them are heartwarming. Moreover, I recommend another Donjinshi with Chen of the same Nekomata.

She is often with characters like Komeiji Satori, Komeiji Koishi, Reiuji Utsuho , etc.

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