Isana Yashiro

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Isana Yashiro is this story's protagonist and the main event centers around him.

Called "Shiro" by people around him, because of hos cheerful disposition, he becomes friends with Neko and Yatogami Kurou, who was once his enemy.

He seems aloof, but he deeply cares about his friends, willing to do anything for them at the risk of his own safety. As the story progresses, he grows up, and when the main plot has revealed itself, he has turned from a boy into a young man.

In Doujinshi, he appears with Neko and Kurou. Neko makes fun of Yasuro, who is easy going, and Kurou chides that -- they are almost like a family. Also, many books depict their school life, just as the anime series.

Even though the sequel has not been scheduled yet, I want to see the scenes where Yashiro, Neko, and Kurou together. As this series had many fierce battle scenes, I love their relationship, which symbolizes peace.

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