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( ・v・)σ Imanotsurugi is one of the Tantou-type swords characters!

“I'm Imanotsurugi! The sword that protected Lord Yoshitsune! How's that, amazing right?”

Imanotsurugi-chan looks so cute! Since he is rather small and has silver hair, he sometimes looks like a girl to me. Yes, he is such a cutie. The outfits based on pastel colors (usually purple) always look good on him too!
But don’t think little of him, even though he is that cute! (*´・v・)σ

“Time to battle, time to battle!”

Even though Imanotsurugi-chan looks so cute, he defeats enemies energetically in battles! If you put him in your party, he says, “Of course!” and if he gets the MVP in the battle, he says, “That’s for sure!”. ( ´∀`) I like him being confident like that! I guess he knows he is cute and strong. (What a clever boy.... but that’s what I like about him!”

Even though Imanotsurugi does look like a boy, he is actually around 1,000 years old in the game, which is the same generation as Mikazuki and other characters of Tachi..... Maybe we should call him ‘Imanotsurugi-sama’, instead of ‘Imanotsurugi-chan’. ( =ω=) ※ ‘sama’ in Japanese can be usually used when we call someone who is older than you with politeness.)

This is my favorite line that Imanotsurugi-sama says!

“Now I'm angry! I'm gonna go all out!"

This is a line that he says when he gets damage, and ‘真剣必殺(Awakening)’ is exercised! Imanotsurugi-sama, who is always smiling and calm, is angry! The sharp and cold eyes that he has when he says this line is so cool. ( *=ω=) Even though he is usually adorable, he looks brave and manly! I have a crush on this chap!

If you go to Atsukashiyama which is the 5-4 stage with such a cute Imanotsurugi and Iwatooshi of Naginata whose personality and physique are totally different from Imanotsurugi in your party, you can hear a special conversation between them. Their former owners used to be in the master and servant relationship when they were still swords.

“Why can’t we change history?”

All the characters in Touken Ranbu fight with enemies who try to change history. But there are many swords that have experienced a loss for their owners too.... If they change history, they can save the owner’s life. Imanotsurugi said the word above to Iwatooshi from his pure thought about his owner.... I wouldn’t’ be able to answer him straight.

I might be sharing a little sad story but there are many Doujinshi where Iwaooshi and Imanotsurugi are having such a fun time too! If you like them or you got into them after you read this article, please check out their Doujinshi! (〃'∇'〃)

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