Hataraku Maou-sama (はたらく魔王さま!)

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/ Sasaki Chiho / Ashiya Shiro / Mao Sadao / Yusa Emi / Urushihara Hanzo /

In the land of another world called the Holy Cross continent Ente Isla, the army led by Satan continues to rage war against mankind. They were initially prevailing and the fall of mankind is just a matter of time, but the tides changed with the hero Emilia and the final battle injured the dark king. While shouting out that he will recover and return to take over Ente Isla, he escaped to a different world through a time space gate.

Up to this point, this type of fantasy is ordinarily seen, but the main part of the work is from here onwards.
The Demon Lord and his general Alciel escaped to modern-day Japan. Shibuya, Tokyo, to be exact. On top of that, they have lost much of their magical power (it's not that they can't use it at all), rendered to be useless. Not only they fail to go back to Ente Isla, but also they can't survive in this new land. So they decide to make their living by part-time jobs.

By using what's left of their magical power, they fabricates their family registry, find an apartment through an agency, and make their living while working part-time jobs. They start to live like ordinary students or part-time workers. Despite being the evil lord, he is praised for his treatment with customers at the hamburger shop where he works part-time and promoted to the position of deputy manager. However, following the evil lord, brave Emilia also arrives in this planet. Emilia tries to defeat the evil lord, but she loses her power just like him and makes her living as a telephone appointer.

It's based on the young-adult fiction of the same name and was turned into a TV anime series.
It depicts in an interesting way residents of the fantasy world who respect society's rules and lead a humble life despite being evil. I can't help but to smile to read about a character who lives in an old apartment in Sasazuka, Shibuya District. (The run-down apartment is called Satan Castle.)

It has warm atmosphere so I think you can watch the amine at ease. But also, it provides us the exciting scenes for those who hope to enjoy the battle with fantasy magic and blade against devils to be satisfied, which I feel has a good service. Though amine has already ended, the original novel comes in ten volumes. I think the second season can be released, given the contents of the story. You should check it if you want to know the aftermath of the anime.

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