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 (*´・д・) Phewww.  Now that Comiket 89 (Winter 2015) is over, you guys might be wondering if there are any wonderful Doujinshi Events!




)`Д゚) Can’t wait for the new Doujinshi release event?!!

Then check out HARU COMIC CITY 21 that will take place this spring!!!


★The number of the Circles that will join  15000!!


★Date: March 13th 2016

★Genre available: All genre (any genre either new or old!)

★Place: Tokyo Big Sight


 (゜∇ ゜) Even though this is not as big as Comiket, it’s going to be the biggest-scale Doujinshi event with the most numbers of circles that take place in spring!  You can not only see the latest Doujinshi but you might be able to see the revived Doujinshi that used to be sold before...!!  The list is being updated daily, so check it out to look for your favorite genre of Doujinshi!


 (`・v´・ )ノ= Oops!  Of course!  We accept your request all the time!


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ヾ(。>д<)ノ Be very careful for the notification of ‘No more re-ordering accepted’!!  The earlier you request and check, the better!!!  Get your favorite Doujinshi!!!

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