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(`・v´・ )ノ=☆・゜:*:HARU COMIC CITY 20 is all genre doujinshi exhibition and sale which is held on March 15, 2015 in Tokyo Big Site!!!

This event attracts a lot of attention of Japanese anime fans since this is the first big event after winter comiket! 15,000 circles participated in this eventヾ(。>д<)ノ .

I cannot bear even thinking I cannot meet new doujinshi for half a year after winter comiket(☆ω☆*)! This is a wonderful event which solves such worry! You cannot miss this event as well as winter comiket since bookable doujinshi such as those anime finished this winter and new spring anime continue to increase!!

(*`д´)σ=σ “If you can't find any items that you want, please let us know”

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