Fushimi Saruhiko

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Fushimi Saruhiko is one of two most loved characters among “K” by Japanese Otaku.

Being belong to Scepter4, he always has negligent attitude. However his personality changes once he meets Yata Misaki who belongs to 「HOMRA」. He often becomes crazy and pretty tough combat which is hard to imagine from his ordinary status. With an acting of voice actor, he gave a strong impression to Japanese fans. It is overwhelmingly a lot to see him with Misaki, who has close relations in anime, in Doujinshi.

As the story progresses, the relationship between the two is revealed. Many books depict their past. Also, they often appear with Munakata Reisi and Awashima Seri, their bosses at Scepter4. Most stories are serious in tone, and he goes crazy in funny stories.

His charm is how he changes from his usual self. You can see a lot of K's sales point -- beautiful images -- in his battle scenes with Misaki, so if you are not familiar with him, please see the fifth episode.

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