Fubuki Shirou

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Fubuki Shirou

Position: Defender and Forward
School: Hakuren Junior High School

His peculiarities are his smallish body, thick eyebrows, and placid personality. He has such great skill of soccer that he was scouted by Raimon Eleven, as the strongest team was going to be formed to get the better of Aliea Academy.

Personally, Fubuki is a recommended character !
I feel healed only by watching him! Moreover, the scenes when he found the mean of becoming perfect, and when personality of Atsuya- who was Fubuki's dead brother and had existed inside Fubuki - was united with Fubuki were very impressive!

Since there are many Doujinshi in which Fubuki is drawn being a pair to Someoka Ryuugo, why not check it if you are interested in those?

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