Fire Emblem Awakening (ファイアーエムブレム 覚醒)

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The first Fire Emblem (hereafter called “FE”) was released in 1990. The latest series of FE is super compilation “Awakening”.
You(my unit=your character) is a tactician and will stand up to your destination with another main character Chrom and your team. Hip hip hooraaay(・ω´・。)!!
SRPG seems difficult, but FE has options. You can setup difficulty levels and mode. So, everyone like FE and SRPG beginners, casual and core gamers enjoys this game.
From this FE, characters speak. They speak their catch phrases and simple words.
Awww, they are so cool & cute(*´ω`*)!! So excited!
FE has come out with other system, and it is…marriage! KEKKON(○・ω・人・ω・○) !! This system was from FE: Genealogy of The Holy War and it was popular with players. We’ve been waiting for it!! Yay!! You can get married to your favorite opposite gender characters and have babies. (There are some options. You can hear full voice of voice actors and characters confession.) It is a lot of fun to make your favorite characters get married to and have kids! Then, fight with couple, parent and children and team against enemies. Change the destiny!!

There are more than 50characters with varied personality. All the creative staff provided ideas about them. You will find the one. Among those characters, my favorite one is Eudes.
Hey, who came up with such an idea, Chuunibyo!!? Gee! Some women characters are using honorific way of speaking. Japanese honorific is awesome, isn’t it(・∀・)?
I am a modest “Emblemer”, so from the beginning, I played with hard and classic mode. There have been tough simulations. ・゚・(ノ∀`)・゚・。 So your team members die unexpectedly.
“Sorry...””You…Stay alive...” Their touched last moment moved me. “Sorry...I couldn’t save you... Don’t diieee!!”
FE is widely known as a game that players restart the story when the team members died. While playing this game, I screamed many times and restarted it.

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