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“FAIRY TAIL” is a Japanese comic, which written by Hiro Majima, and animated over 175 stories on TV from October 2009 to March 2013. The story is based on wizards/witches working as mercenary and handyman. They treasure their bonds among their community, and fight against the enemies, who hurts their love ones or harm civilians. So, the best part of the story is those exhilarating fighting scenes and their strong bonds!! The fighting scenes are presented in modest yet sharp brushwork by its author, which brings extreme excitement to its readers. I can assure you that it can never bored funs like me( ゚ ∀ ゚ )=3
Moreover, “FAIRY TAIL” does not just show a simple fight between wizards/witches. It gives attention to the characters’ inside, such as characters’ thoughts and love to his/her fellows. Each character has unique personalities, histories, and thoughts that enable all those fighting scenes to be more sensitive yet entertaining. Thus, the readers would be overwhelmed and satisfied(´v`)=3

Among all those characters, my favorite character is Gerard. He is an enemy, yet left me a vivid impression. He has a deep-routed history with Elsa (one of the main characters belongs to the community). Their histories and relationships are very severe and complicated, which dragged everyone into a huge plot and incidents… and it reaches the fierce scene ad last(;≧o≦) I’d say that the story of Gerard and Elsa is definitely one of the leading stories of all!! Even though he is an enemy, I was moved by his characteristics and behaviors. In addition, you’d better not miss his mind and action after the episode!! By the way, there is a very similar character in “RAVE”, former serial publication. Not only Gerard’s appearance but his magic also reminds its character from “RAVE”. We never know author’s intention, but maybe is it something to remember about for those who already enjoyed “RAVE”(´v`)=3

Not only the episode about Gerard and Elsa, “FAIRY TAIL” gives you a full set of exciting adventures!! It is said to be broadcasted again on TV from April 2014. Maybe it is a good opportunity to experience the world of “FAIRY TALE” for those never seen or read it!!

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