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‘Here comes Choromatsu playing about everywhere!!’

‘Is that it? Is it all that the power of virginity can do? Oh well, that’s it, I guess!’

Who’s in charge of butting in of the sextuplet?! Yep, it’s Choromatsu-Matsuno v(。・ω・。)♪

I’ve heard that his name derives from his special feature being nimble, playing about everywhere!

His image color is green! Actually, we often see him wearing a green hoody or green check shirt in anime.

Choromatsu is the only boy who has no frizz among the sextuplet, which also gives us an impression of him being serious. (`・ω・´)ゞ (According to the character designer, Choromatsu seems to set his hair neatly so that he will have no frizz. I have a smile on my face if I imagine him setting his hair in front of the mirror).

Also, he is the one who tries so hard on job hunting among the sextuple and he stays calm and buts-in even when the other five try to take such awkward behaviors.

Since he is the third oldest son, we sometimes see him having a hard time with the other naughty five. (´Д`)σ)Д`) For instance, he was the only one of the sextuplets, who apologized when they raged about selfishly. (How serious Choromatsu is...!!!!!)

Even though he is serious and a leader-like character among the sextuplet, he is also a character that can easily be teased (he is teased by his brothers from time to time). For instance, we can often see scenes where he gets violent language (especially in episode 13) or is teased by his brothers. Yes, that’s all because he is too serious!

Even after he is teased, he stays calm, which is so funny, and I love such Choromatsu. (@'ω'@) ‘Hang it there, Choromatsu!!!!!’ I cannot help but cheer him up like this, you know?

While is he so serious, he also has another special feature being good at ‘butting in’ and being ‘Otaku’, I think!

For instance, he waits in line for a handshake event of his favorite idol or he vigorously shakes his pen light at the concert. .+(´^ω^`)+. He is so excited and far from usual Choromatsu. Since he is usually so serious, we cannot imagine how he’s changed. He’s just like another person...!

Choromatsu gets so excited in front of his favorite idol... Now, it’s his turn to shake hands with her! Then the evil intruder shows up....

You wanna know what will happen next? Go check episode 2 of anime!!!

I really hope that he will be able to shake hands with his loved idol without being bothered by anybody next time! Lol

Hang it thereeeeeeee, Choromatsu!!!!!!!!!

Let’s cheer up such serious and manly Choromatsu togetherp(`・ω・´)q

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