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“Fear death. Fear killing. Those who are willing to die, to death equally...”

Akutagawa Ryuunosuke is a raid commander of Port Mafia! Port Mafia is an atrocious mafia that stretches a rope in the port of a fictional city, Yokohama, which is also a stage of this story. φ(○_○ )ノ

He looks exactly like a member of the evil organization, all in black with a black coat whose big stand-up collar is characteristic and his porker-face. Ψ(`▽´)Ψ
Akutagawa is known as the most fearful mafia among all the mafias in the most dangerous port mafia in the underside of society in Yokohama. Everybody is scared of him so much that even any security force or detective cannot handle him. The main character, Nakajima Atsushi, was warned by Kunikida Doppo working at Armed Detective Company, saying “Do not see him even by accident, if you do though, just run away”.

The reason why they are scared of him is because he has super power that is specialized with cruel murder. Akutagawa’s power, “Roshomon”, allows his coat turn into a black beast. He said that the black beast is a “gross eater” and eats anything.

Not only the black beast but he can freely turn it to anything such as a huge chin with atrocious tusks, a huge hand with sharp nails, a spider-web-like thing, a needle-like thing and a belt-like thing... Each shape and technique even has its name.
What’s more? He can apply the technique that eats space itself to prevent the gunshot or any attack as well.
When he uses such techniques, you might be able to see him having a cool pose with high probability! (☆´∀`)ゞ!

In episode 3rd, where Akutagawa Ryuunosuke appeared for the first time, security forces and some people were sacrificed by the super power “Rashomon” (ll´д゚ノ)ノ We can see his cruelness from his cold unchangeable expression even after he kills people... ((((((((((((>ノノ)

In 3rd episode, even though his cruelness stands out but he actually has poor? cute? side as well.
First, he’s so slender with his height 172 cm (5.64 feet) and weight 58 kg (110 lbs)! He’s lighter than Okita Sougo form Gintama whose height is 170 cm (5.58 feet) and weight is 58 kg (128 lbs)! He’s so painfully thin that it’s hard for us to see him fight with that fragile body... (>_<)

And, check out the fate with Dazai Osamu, who used to be a member of the former Port Mafia too!!!
Dazai strictly educated Akutagawa as a mafia after Dazai saved then-orphan Akutagawa.
Akutagawa has a strong thought that he wants recognition by Dazai and Akutagawa is still seized with that past. When Akutagawa found out the fact that Dazai was treating Nakajima Atsushi kindly, he got so mad and jealous of Nakajima Atsushi. Is it Yandere (going mad love)???


Port Mafia is targeting a price on Nakajima Atsushi, which is 7,000,000,000 yen (≒$ 65,444,400). Confrontation between Armed Detective Company and Akutagawa will never end as long as Port Mafia keeps targeting Nakajima Atsushi. We’ll see what’s gonna happen next!!!

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