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First child Ayanami Rei!!! I love you!! Very much!!! There are many fans of her. I wanted to marry to her so when I knew she is a clone, I was very depressed. She is not talkative at all and socially clumsy. Anyway, the fact remains that she is cute!!! I can love her even though she is a clone. Due to her, a girl with short hair is type I fall for.

She does not express her feelings very much and opens her heart only to Gendou but gradually she opened her heart to Shinji too. It was a feeling like love. But Ayanami who opened her heart to Shinji was the second generation and the feeling inherited to the third generation. The way she treats Shinji was reset too. Even though, she became calling Shinji like the second generation in response to Shinji’s heat of passion. She shows signs of the second generation. This is one of the interesting points of EVA which makes my heart ache.

Personally, there are any quotes of Ayanami worth mentioning. “I’m sorry, I don’t know how to express my feeling at a time like this”, “Garlic ramen without char siu”, “It smells like Ikari”, “I am not a doll”, “I want it to be snug” and so on. There are some memories I want to share with you for each quotes but there are too many to write here so I would like you to see by yourself!

There are many fans in Japanese artists and there are songs which sing about her. Of course, she is very popular overseas too. Since she is popular, there are various goods!

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