Arakita Yasutomo

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Arakita Yasutomo
Road bike in use : Bianchi
Third Year at Hakone Academy

A player from Hakone Academy, a rival school.
His special characteristic is his evil look.
His role is an ace assist.

His tone is gruff and his personality is aggressive, and he shirks practice.
Still, when it comes down to a race, his reflexes are keen, he takes the boldest courses, and he overcomes the players in front of him.
Because of this, he's highly valued by his teammates.

In middle school, he was a member of the baseball team, he left because of an injury.
He was very unhappy about this, but then he met Hukutomi Jyuichi , starting riding road bikes, and advanced along a new path.
Because of this, he respects Fukutomi more than any of his other teammates.

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