Alibaba Saluja

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Alibaba Saluja is the other hero of Magi.

Thanks to his encounter with Aladdin, he gains the magic power and treasure.
But this treasure is not for his own benefit and is used for impoverished people, and he has a kind heart that can't do such things as abandoning people in need.
Because of this he is adored by Aladdin and Morgiana and the three of them are very close.

His image colour is the same yellow as his hair and he has a bright personality so it is a perfect match.
Among other things there are lots of cute things on Straps, and and I recommend key chains.

There are lots of Doujinshi in which he together with Sinbad, who is respected as a king and his close friend Aladdin!

He often plays the role of the "straight man" in heartwarming Doujinshi and is crucial in Magi's gag Doujinshi.

There is also a book which depict the relationship with Morgiana, who he went on a journey with, and there is another book in which he confronts Hakuryuu Ren!

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