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He reigns over the school as one of only 7 people who are level 5.

His ability is to freely change the direction (vector) of an item that touches his body. The instant that bullets, kicks, and punches land on him, he can double their strength and send them right back to his opponent! He has enough power that he could fight with the army, and is thought of as having no other enemies.

However, during the incident concerning the Sisters, he is defeated by Touma Kamijo. After that, his character changed a lot. "I've made mistakes in my past, but I am trying to choose the right path, despite suffering that pain."

He really likes Last Order.

Of course, that's not in a weird way. Her likes her in that he considers her important. He's a nice guy who does things for Last Order's sake, regardless of what may happen to him. This is where his appeal lies. In particular, it's great to see expressions and words from him that you normally wouldn't! Because of this, there are many Doujinshi where he is coupled with Last Order.

Other than that, he's also coupled with his rival, Mikoto Misaka, in Doujinshi.

Of course I like Last Order in a weird way….

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