【BL AWARD 2024】 Nominated Works Announced! Which BL Works Will Garner the Most Attention and Popularity in 2024? Featuring 6 Notable Works!


The 2024 BL Awards nominated works have been announced!
Fan voting will start soon, determining last year's most talked-about and popular works!

The BL Awards are a ranking project that determines the most outstanding commercial BL (Boys' Love) work of the year (this time for 2023), based on reader and fan votes, targeting BL works (commercial manga) released in the previous year. At this point, the nominated works have been announced, and next, fans will vote to decide the most deserving titles among the nominees for each category!
This time, among the nominated works, we will introduce those that are especially popular in Japan! Let's promptly present the notable works likely to rank high!

【BL Awards 2024】 Nominated Works Announced! Which BL Works Will Garner the Most Attention and Popularity in 2024? Featuring 6 Notable Works!

Boys Love (Yaoi) Comics
Sihtsukete Tokashite Abaite Medete
(躾けてとかして暴いて愛でて② (Charles Comics)) / Kirishiki Tokico

“Set in a 'Dom/Sub Universe', this sweet and dedicated BL love story features a younger yakuza and a domineering plastic surgeon!”
Junsei Tachibana, a resident in plastic surgery, spends his days struggling with the desire to be ordered around and dominated, characteristic of a Sub. In an effort to quell these urges, he visits a bar known for Doms who can address the concerns of Subs. There, he unexpectedly reunites with his high school junior and current yakuza, Ai Wajitsuka. Ai, a Dom, insists on becoming Junsei's Dom and partner......!?
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●Boys Love (Yaoi) Comics
Naisho No Stalker-San
(ないしょのストーカーさん) / Hiro Haruyoshi

Who's secretly taking care of the hardworking office worker? ......His stalker!?
Sumiya, a diligent and kind office worker, often finds work pushed onto him. He has a certain “secret”: he's living a strange coexistence with someone invisible. Whenever he returns home exhausted, warm meals and a prepared bath await him. And when night falls......?
Everything in his life is supported so perfectly that now, he can't live without him......!?

●Boys Love (Yaoi) Comics
Innocent Ni Kuchizuke
(イノセントにくちづけ) / Sakishita Senmu

The male host club, where even kissing the cast is allowed, is run by the former charismatic host and owner, Ren Suwa.
One day, Ren Suwa, the owner, falls in love at first sight with Asahi Narumi, a college student and a commoner who comes for an interview through an employee's referral. Asahi strongly wishes to work as an employee, so Ren decides to hire him. However, Ren's heart is constantly stirred by Asahi's natural, innocent, overly cute, and honest demeanor. What will become of Ren's love for Asahi, who is so adorable, innocent, and unaware of love......!

●Boys Love (Yaoi) Comics
Downer-kei Joushi wo Koi ni Otosu Houho
(ダウナー系上司を恋に落とす方法) / Kurihara Kana

Office worker Inoue is disheartened after his three-month, time-limited romance with his respected boss, Shijima, ends.
During their relationship, they spent fulfilling time together and built a good relationship. Despite this, returning to their former relationship seems impossible, and Inoue struggles to rekindle the romance. However, it seems there's a reason why Shijima, his boss, cannot date the honest and hardworking Inoue......?
Can they return to being lovers after the breakup!? What is the secret hidden behind cool composure?

●Boys Love (Yaoi) Comics
Ai Da, Koi Dano Shouhosen
(愛だ、恋だの処方箋) / Akihisa Teoh

A story about a pharmacist and a popular idol at the peak of his fame, set in the 'Omegaverse'.
Rinjin Kiriyama, a pharmacist running a dispensary, is tasked one day with prescribing suppressants to Shiro Sato, a member of the popular band “Welt” and an alpha, following a request from a major entertainment agency.
However, upon their first meeting, Rinjin, a beta, inexplicably goes into heat in the presence of Shiro, leading to an unthinkable situation......!
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●Boys Love (Yaoi) Comics
Nidome wa Shoujiki
(二度目は正直 (バンブーコミックス)) / Nan Nan

A man who never gets involved more than once with anyone VS a smart man who holds gently!?
As a refreshing prince-like figure, Yamato, who has been involved with numerous men, is shown an unbelievable video one day featuring the wild-type Jin.
Jin, just like Yamato, is popular and intrigued by Yamato. Both having had multiple relationships with men, they sync well...... but neither wants to lose to the other in technique or stamina!
The two of them ignite a fire, competing to see who is the “amazing” one......?

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