【Hazbin Hotel】 “Hazbin Hotel” as an Adult Cartoon Anime is Buzzing! Now Streaming Online and Hugely Popular in Japan!

Hello everyone. I'm Boss from Otaku Republic, and I've been thinking about how interesting foreign cartoon anime seem to be trending in Japan lately.
Oh! I might know that interesting foreign cartoon anime you're talking about! It's trending in Japan now, isn't it!!? I think it's a show that's gaining fans since Season 1 became available on Amazon Prime. I'm Saori from Otaku Republic!
Eh? What's that? Tell me more? It sounds pretty interesting, and I'm curious too!

【Hazbin Hotel】 “Hazbin Hotel” as an Adult Cartoon Anime is Buzzing! Now Streaming Online and Hugely Popular in Japan!

Sex, gore, violence! What's the story behind Hazbin Hotel, the adult cartoon anime full of black humor set in Hell?

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What's Hazbin Hotel about? Is it gory? Scary?
Well, it's a bit adult-oriented so the expressions are extreme, but it's more of a world full of black humor! Here's a rough explanation of the story!
The stage is set in hell, where deceased humans end up.
The souls of humans who come to hell have committed some crime in their previous lives, and the world of hell is overflowing with villains reincarnated as demons. Security is at an all-time low, making governance nearly impossible.
However, in such a hell, once a year, angels descend from heaven to purge the demonic sinners, thereby solving the problem of overpopulation. As a result, many demons disappear from hell every year.
Faced with the current situation left entirely to the angels, Charlie, the princess of hell, wondered if there was something she could do. And what she came up with was the demon rehabilitation facility “Happy Hotel”!
Opening the 'Happy Hotel' in an attempt to change the current situation, Charlie is ridiculed by most demons, who consider her a fool or laugh at her as a lunatic.
Yet, undeterred, Charlie, along with her collaborator and lover, Vaggie, devotes herself to managing the hotel. Amidst this, a mysterious demon clad entirely in red appears at “Happy Hotel”.
His true identity was Alastor, known as the “Radio Demon,” who had previously eliminated the power brokers of Hell one by one and broadcasted their dire situations over the radio......!?
Alastor's demand was, astonishingly, to help manage the “Happy Hotel”! What will become of the “Happy Hotel”......!?
Sounds interesting~!! The character designs are good! The fact that they're all demons is also attractive! The heroine and main character, Charlie, seems like a really good kid, but I'm looking forward to seeing how the other demons get involved with the Happy Hotel.
Also, Hazbin Hotel is a musical anime, so there's a lot of singing! This song is really good too~!! Essentially, they're demons (people who committed crimes in their previous lives), so there's no doubt they're bad people, but amidst that, how they want to live in Hell, their struggles, and the mysterious bond of the Happy Hotel members helping with their rehabilitation and growth makes it an interesting show to watch! (Personally, I love Angel Dust, his singing scenes had me smitten! And Charlie is so earnest and adorable, I love her too~!!)
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I just checked, and there's a Season 1, but is there a sequel?
Surprisingly, Season 2 is announced to be released a year from now! So, it's very easy to catch up to the latest episode from now! Since this anime that's generating a lot of buzz has become easily accessible, everyone should definitely check it out!
Hazbin Hotel

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