【Kagurabachi】Hugely Popular Overseas! Volume 1 Released in Japan! The Sword × Revenge Drama, Kagurabachi!

Hello, everyone. It's quite the topic!! I'm Boss from Otaku Republic.
Hello, everyone! It's a hot topic both in Japan and overseas! I'm Saori from Otaku Republic, and I was told it would take two weeks to restock when I went to buy Volume 1!
So, this time! Since Volume 1 of the manga from the popular Shonen Jump series has been released, both in Japan and overseas, we want to check it out!

【Kagurabachi】Hugely popular overseas! Volume 1 released in Japan in February! The sword × revenge drama Kagurabachi, currently serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, is rapidly gaining popularity!


Currently serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump!
A blend of Japanese style × fantasy × revenge drama......! The brilliance of action scenes using swords is a hot topic!

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So, what is the manga we're introducing this time...... Kagurabachi?
Kagurabachi is a dark fantasy set in “Japan,” where the concept of mystical arts exists, and carrying swords is permitted. The protagonist is a young man named Chihiro, whose father is renowned as the greatest swordsmith in Japan.
Chihiro's goal is to avenge his murdered father and recover the six “cursed blades” imbued with incredible mystical arts, which were stolen at the time.
As a child, Chihiro admired his father, who crafted swords. Despite being the greatest swordsmith, his father created swords with immense power, fearing they might fall into the wrong hands and be misused. That fear became reality when three mystics attacked their home seeking the six cursed blades crafted by Japan's finest swordsmith. His father was killed, the hidden cursed blades were stolen, and Chihiro, then just a child, had his home, family, and happiness all taken away.
34 months after the incident...... Chihiro, now a young man, embarks on a journey of “revenge” with the seventh cursed blade, which his father protected with his life. His targets are, of course, the three mystics who killed his father, and the destruction of organizations of mystics who shelter them and commit evil deeds with swords across Japan. The story depicts Chihiro's endless and despair-filled journey.

The high praise comes from the beauty of the illustrations!
The merciless strikes drawn by the “goldfish,” as beautiful as ink paintings, are unleashed from Chihiro's cursed blade!

Kagurabachi really shines in its battle scenes.
Yes! It's simply cool! The fluttering clothes in battle scenes and the goldfish swimming in sync with the splashes of blood are very impressive, adding a divine quality to the gruesome tale of revenge...... The composition's beauty and dynamism are popular overseas too, giving it a sad yet beautiful impression......!
I wonder if it will be adapted into an anime?
I think it will! It's not overly grotesque in its depiction, and above all, it's interesting as a manga work! So, if you haven't read Kagurabachi yet, please take this opportunity to check out Volume 1! It's very interesting, and I think you'll find it even more engaging than the description we've given here!

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