【Like a Dragon: Ryu ga Gotoku】The Next Setting is Hawaii!? The Stylish and Dramatic Depiction of YAKUZA's Way of Life in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is Now on Sale!

Hello everyone. When you hear YAKUZA...... you might think of it as an antisocial organization, but in the world of movies and manga, it's also seen as an organization fighting against evil that controls society from behind, Boss from Otaku Republic here.
Hello everyone~! They exist in Japan too (probably) but their true nature is shrouded in mystery and we seldom have the chance to learn about them. I'm Saori from Otaku Republic, thinking they are beings we can only know through manga, anime, and games!
That's right! Known yet surprisingly unknown! But, the latest release of the popular series depicting the intense way of life and actions of the beloved YAKUZA has just come out, so let's learn about YAKUZA through that!

【Like a Dragon】 The Next Setting is Hawaii!? The stylish and dramatic depiction of YAKUZA's way of life in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is now on sale!

What is the Like a Dragon (Yakuza: Like a Dragon) series?

It's about those who live in the shadows, who can only live in the shadows.
A story of YAKUZA's way of life not depicted in mainstream society, and of adhering to one's beliefs.
Like a Dragon is the eighth installment in the series (including spin-offs) themed around “YAKUZA”. While “YAKUZA” is often perceived as an antisocial organization, the Like a Dragon series portrays it as a massive group that has supported Japan's underworld for ages. Yet, typically, YAKUZA groups have clear territories, and they seldom ally with each other unless absolutely necessary!
The protagonist for parts 1 to 6 is primarily Kiryu Kazuma! The hero of part 7 is Kasuga Ichiban!
And for part 8...... the protagonists are Kiryu Kazuma and Kasuga Ichiban in a double lead!
In essence, Like a Dragon's initial protagonist was Kiryu Kazuma, and in part 7, it was Kasuga Ichiban.

●Kiryu Kazuma

The original protagonist of Like a Dragon.
He served as the sworn brother's assistant, or second in command, in the Dojima Family, one of the groups owned by the Tojo Clan, the largest yakuza organization in Kanto.Known within the organization as the “Dragon of Dojima,” he was feared in the underworld as the strongest yakuza.
Though he retired from the underworld following certain events, he frequently cooperates with the Tojo Clan out of a sense of obligation.

●Kasuga Ichiban

A former member of the Arakawa Family, one of the groups under the Tojo Clan.
In contrast to the cool and unflappable Kiryu Kazuma, who never shows any disturbance at anything, Kasuga Ichiban has clear expressions of joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure, and is known for his bright and friendly personality.
Kiryu-chan and Ichi may have contrasting everyday demeanors, but they share a common trait of valuing favors and human compassion above all else, never abandoning those in trouble.
Exactly! Fundamentally, both were confronting the darkness of Japan's underworld...... but astonishingly, in the latest work, the story unfolds beyond Japan, set overseas!

The next stage is Hawaii!? Alongside Yokohama and Osaka, what is the story of the two as it unfolds overseas......!?

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Until now, Like a Dragon depicted conflicts between YAKUZAs in Japan's major cities...... but part 8, with its dual protagonists, marks the series' first venture into an overseas setting!?
It seems they head to Hawaii upon hearing information that Ichi's missing mother is there. But of course, it's unlikely that no problems will arise......
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The story of Like a Dragon is quite serious and dramatic, but the whimsical side games provide a fantastic balance of tension and relief, which is a beloved aspect of the series! Everyone, by all means, please try playing Like a Dragon!
Like a Dragon

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