【Best Selling BL Comics】The Life and Death, the “Forbidden Love” of the Kamikaze boys, Depicted in the Omnibus BL Manga "Hotarubi Enya".

※This article contains a section explaining one of the stories in Hotarubi Enya, which is presented in an omnibus format. It includes spoilers, but the purpose is to explain the content clearly to make it more interesting for those who will read it.
Hello everyone~! I'm Saori from Otaku Republic!
This time, what a surprise! A BL manga that's been a hot topic in Japan has finally been published as a book! I want to explain to everyone what makes it so popular!
The story is quite serious, but truly captivating! Intriguing! This is definitely a work that's generating buzz!

【Bestselling BL Comics】The life and death, the “forbidden love” of the Kamikaze boys, depicted in the omnibus BL manga Hotarubi Enya is capturing everyone's attention!

An omnibus format (with a different protagonist in each story) vividly portrays the life and death of the Kamikaze boys and the terrifyingly intense stories of those who are left behind......!
This Hotarubi Enya is an omnibus series depicting the lives of boys who once lived as Kamikaze pilots. The Kamikaze were a unit destined for a decisive 'death,' tasked with striking a major blow to the enemy by crashing their planes into them during wartime.
To cover such a Kamikaze unit, the photographer Yodono visits a training base. There, Yodono meets Shizuma, a boy who is exceptionally cheerful and never loses his smile.
Shizuma, brighter than anyone else, is of course a boy destined for Kamikaze if the war intensifies. Yodono grows increasingly sympathetic to Shizuma, who is bright and more approachable than anyone else in the interviews. Why must such a boy have to scatter his life......
However, one night, Shizuma confides in Yodono. He is eagerly awaiting the day he will perform a Kamikaze mission. At the 'beyond' of that Kamikaze, the senior who had 'entrusted' him with this black scarf is waiting for him.
Yodono is told by Shizuma that he and the senior had a 'relationship that couldn't be told to anyone.' The image of Shizuma that Yodono had always seen through the camera lens changes drastically at that moment, and then......
After that night, Shizuma goes to the battlefield to fulfill his mission as a Kamikaze pilot as planned. And the left-behind Yodono...... shows a tremendous obsession with 'a certain word' left by Shizuma, who he had spent the night with, and starts searching for the Kamikaze pilot, the senior wearing the black scarf.

The author, amase -Sensei, is Amase Shiori-sensei, who has written works like “Koko wa Ima kara Rinri desu. (From now on we begin ethics.)” and “ALL OUT!!” Some of you might recognize the distinctive style of her illustrations.

● A story about a teacher confronting the “darkness” of students, “Koko wa Ima kara Rinri desu. (From now on we begin ethics.)”, which was also adapted into a live-action drama in Japan.


● Became a hot topic when adapted into a TV anime in 2016! A classic, youthful, high school rugby manga, All Out!!

I just read the first volume, and it's truly amazing. The story structure is so solid, it feels like it could be made into a movie! It's in an omnibus format, but each story is connected in some way. Relics, photographs, and the stories that unravel from them...... It's a deeply engaging read, and I'm extremely curious about the release of the second volume. It's a profound story that you'd want to read, to feel a strong impact (not in a physical sense), a tremendous work that truly shakes the reader's heart......
Please, everyone, give Hotarubi Enya a read. Currently, only the first volume is out, but the release of the second volume has been confirmed. The continuation is intriguing! Definitely check out this BL manga that's stirring up Japan!
Hotarubi Enya

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