【Super Doctor K】 After a Limited-Time Free Release of All Episodes, a Quiet Boom is Unfolding in Japan! What's the Story Behind Super Doctor K, Rapidly Gaining Fans?

Hello everyone. I'm Boss from Otaku Republic, and I recently re-read an entire manga series that's been getting buzz for being interesting, even though it's an old one I read a while back.
Wow, that's amazing! Is it like Slam Dunk that got a movie remake? I'm Saori from Otaku Republic, curious about what kind of manga it is!
No, it's because the manga had a 'limited-time free release of all episodes' in Japan, which seems to have been the catalyst for its popularity, even though it was already interesting. I'm happy about it! I'd love for people overseas to learn about this manga's charm during this opportunity!

【Super Doctor K】 After a Limited-Time Free Release of All Episodes, a Quiet Boom is Unfolding in Japan! What's the Story Behind Super Doctor K, Rapidly Gaining Fans?

What is Super Doctor K?

Super Doctor K is a manga series that depicts the extraordinary fate of a hard-boiled doctor.
Super Doctor K began serialization in 1988, and it's the sequel “K2” that is currently causing a stealth boom in Japan with its entire series being released for free. Its catchphrase is “The Hard-Boiled Medical Legend.” Initially, Super Doctor K emphasized the superhuman medical skills of the main character, KAZUYA, but after introducing medical supervision, the style changed slightly to focus on real medical issues and the drama of those involved.
Not only did it have dramatic story development, but it also became popular for providing medical knowledge, making Super Doctor K an exceptionally long-running masterpiece in medical manga. The currently booming “K2” is its rightful sequel, inheriting its style. It started serialization in 2004, and as of January 2021, it had sold a total of 2.3 million copies. Around May 2023, the entire series of “K2” (including the latest episodes) was made available for free, quickly spreading its popularity through word of mouth.
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Hmm, so the popular one in Japan right now is K2. What kind of story is it?
Without giving away spoilers, it's a story about Kamishiro Kazuto (also known as Doctor K), a member of the protagonist's family from Super Doctor K, who goes to various incident and accident sites to save lives and solve problems with his superhuman medical skills.

●Kamishiro Kazuto

Kamishiro Kazuto
I see! That's easy to understand!
Medical manga are rare these days, so K2 is educational and really interesting to read because of its high dramatic quality. Occasionally, there are some comical stories too, which add to its appeal as it's not just serious.
I want to read it...... Why didn't you tell me during the free period for all episodes?
Well, well. I'll lend you the manga from Super Doctor K next time. Everyone, please check out the medical manga K2, which is currently causing a quiet boom in Japan, together with Saori!
Super Doctor K

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