★Saori Press Vol.45★A special article for Sakura characters!



Japan’s spring!  Refined season!  A special article for Sakura (cherry-blossom) characters!



ヾ(≧∇≦)〃 “Hello everyone!  Speaking of my favorite flower...  I would say Sakura and Water pond lily.  It’s Saori from Otaku Republic!”



(  'ω') “Hello everyone.  Speaking of my favorite flower...  I would say Sunflower and Sakura.  I’m a Boss of Otaku Republic.”






(´・д・`* = *´・д・`) “C’mon, Boss~~.  Pick a different one from mine!”



(  'ω') “Can’t be helped!  Because I love it!  Sakura finally started blooming in Japan and makes our town colorful and beautiful!”






(゜▽゜*) “Yes, everybody loves Sakura during this season!  And we feel like going out to take a walk in this warm weather too!”



(  'ω') “I totally agree with you.  Sakura always tells us a seasonal change with brilliant colorful flowers.  I can be relaxed just by staring at petals flowing away in the wind.”



(σゝ∀・)σ “Okay, then let’s give our friends this special topic related with Sakura this time!  The title is...!”



Japan’s spring!  Refined season!  A special article for Sakura characters!



(  'ω') “Hmm... that’s a perfect title.”



(。-`ω-) “By the way, we will share some characters whose first names are ‘Sakura’ this time.  For example...”






(。-`ω-) “This character....”






(。-`ω-) “These two guys....”






(。-`ω-) “Aaaaand, this character...  I omitted the ones whose last name were ‘Sakura’, like these above.”




(  'ω') “I don’t understand it!”




Σ(´Д`lll) “What?  Boss?  What’s wrong?”



(  'ω') “My favorite character, which was shown at the very end has Sakura even it is in the last name!”



(。-`ω-) “I know... but it’s going to be overloaded if we include them...  Please understand that we only focus on the ones whose first names have Sakura, this time.”



(  'ω') “Mmmm..... Oh well, I got it.”



Japan’s spring!  Refined season!  A special article for Sakura characters!




Card Captor Sakura / Kinomoto Sakura



Fate Series / Sakura Matou



Danganronpa / Oogami Sakura



Sakura Taisen / Shinguji Sakura



The Street Fighter / Kasugano Sakura



NARUTO / Haruno Sakura



Sakura Miku




(  'ω') “Hmm... It looks like many of them somehow remind me of ‘pink’.  (And is it only me that think these girls all look strong....?)”



(・∀・) “Since Sakura is very famous in Japan, they also remind us of ‘Japanese-Style’, don’t you think?”



(  'ω') “There’s one character though, which I thought had something different from others.”





(´・д・`* = *´・д・`) “Whaaat?  Who is it?  They are all girly and cute characters!”







(  'ω') “Ahhh... yeah, yes...”



(  'ω') “.........”




(  'ω') “???”




(  'ω') “Hey Saori, what is this character’s name?”



( ゚∀゚) “What?  It’s Sakura Miku-Chan.  Just like Yuki Miku-Chan, it’s one of the versions of Hatsune Miku-Chan.”






(  'ω') “Ahhh... oookay...  It sure is the first name... maybe....?  I got it then.”



( ゚∀゚) “By the way, there is a folklore in Japan, like this below.”





“Dead bodies are buried under the cherry tree.”





(  'ω') “Why on earth did you start talking about such a scary story...?”



(ノ∀`) “Oh, oh sorry...  That just reminded me of that folklore.  It’s so weird though... Who started this rumor, you know?”




(  'ω') “Oh well.  Even though we all have the same good image for Sakura being beautiful, they used to have some bad images as well, saying, They fall soon’, ‘The colors of the petals (when they bloom and after they fall) are too different’, orSince they absorb all the nutrients from the ground, they make all the other flowers fall, and they were even known to be the unlucky flower.”







(゚⊿゚) “Look, it’s so beautiful...  I just can’t believe those images that our ancestors used to have...”



(  'ω') “But on the contrary, I’ve heard that more and more people have recently started to see the pure element of beauty of Sakura.  This is an awesome fact, right?  We have to preserve them with our Japanese mind from now on.”



(。-`ω-) “Right!  Those bad images must have made somebody start to say such bad rumors that dead bodies are buried under the trees, I guess....”





“You’ll be amazed and impressed, once you see Sakura!  If you are not, you can just bury me under the cherry tree!”






(  'ω') “Don’t make a legend with such a lie!”



(・∀・) “By the way, the meaning of Japanese Sakura is Clever beautiful woman’, ‘Purity’, ‘Mind-Beauty’ and ‘Simplicity.”







(  'ω') (Oops, there’s no such words in Saori.)



(・∀・) “I believe that the characters who were named Sakura will literally live their lives beautifully and lovely!”



(  'ω') “I guess so!!!!!!!!!!!!”



(゚⊿゚) “Why did you just agree with me that strongly...?”




(  'ω') “Oh well.  I’ll see you guys at next Saori Press!!”



Yeah!  Bye!

:*:・。,☆゚':*:・。,ヽ(  'ω')(゚⊿゚)?? ,。・:*:・゚',。・:*:



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