【This Week's New BL Manga】Off Stage Love Side, Alien Go Home, Kawaii wa Osuki?, and MORE!


Nidome no Asa wa Kimi ni Ikkyoku (Songs for you on the Second Morning)
(Chara Comics) / Shindou Ina

Nidome no Asa wa Kimi ni Ikkyoku
The salaryman Yamashita was working at a certain trading company.
He was continuously assigned new tasks, and recently he has even been promoted to the leader of a considerably large project.
The person who ended up teaming up with Yamashita was his colleague, Asakura.
Yamashita thinks that Asakura, who is popular, experienced in his job, and has connections with clients, would be more suitable as a leader.
Amidst all this, the two start arguing over a minor issue.
Their heated argument escalates into a major incident that brings out even their hidden true feelings......!
A love story unfolds between the two working adults who can't be honest with their feelings!

Off Stage Love Side
(drap COMICS DX) / Oshima Kamome

Off Stage Love Side
The ultra-popular idol Tomoya had someone he couldn't forget.
Kei, who approached him in a stylish bar, was far more mature and attractive than Tomoya.
And it was because Kei told him 'You are plenty attractive too' that Tomoya decided to pursue a career as an idol.
Tomoya owes his current position to Kei and was faintly hoping they could meet again someday.
Then one day, a newly hired bodyguard for Tomoya comes to introduce himself.
It turns out to be none other than Kei, the person Tomoya had been dreaming of meeting again! Will Tomoya's faint love come to fruition!?

Alien Go Home
(Bird's Comics Rutile Collection) / Mamahara Ellie

Alien Go Home
Outarou, a former astronaut, learns one day that three foreigners have moved into a nearby vacant house.
Apparently trainees at a local company, these three, proficient in Japanese, quickly become friends with Outarou.
However, due to a certain event, Outarou discovers that these three are actually aliens who have come to learn about Earth's culture!
What's more, the three aliens realize that Outarou has discovered their true identity......!?
Outarou, who used to think that aliens couldn't possibly exist, ends up living an everyday life with these mysterious extraterrestrials!

Kawaii wa Osuki?
(Bird's Comics Rutile Collection) / Azumi Kyouhei

Kawaii wa Osuki?
High school student Sakura has been raised strictly by her father and has lived her life hiding the fact that she loves “cute” things.
She has always hidden this from those around her as well...... One day, during a joint class, she ends up pairing with Kimura from another class.
Kimura, who looks like a doll or a young girl, is so cute that Sakura can't help but be captivated.
Sakura and Kimura become friends and start going to cafes and hanging out together.
Then, things get awkward...... Gradually, Sakura begins to realize that her feelings of finding Kimura “cute” might actually be love!

Koi no Yuurei (The Ghost of Love)
(Gene Pixiv Series) / Hotonaka

Koi no Yuurei (The Ghost of Love)
One day, male high school student Asahikawa suddenly starts seeing ghosts for some reason!
Moreover, the ghost is attached to Aragaki, who sits next to him, and is trying to communicate something to Asahikawa!
'This guy (Aragaki) likes you (Asahikawa)!'
This is a BL x horror comedy that unfolds between Aragaki, a ghost claiming to be a 'Cupid of Love' that's attached to Aragaki, and Asahikawa, who ends up interacting with both. It's laugh-out-loud funny!?

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