【Twisted Wonderland】Halloween 2023 Collaborates with the Movie Pinocchio! What is the Secret of the Phantom Amusement Park “Playful Land”?

Hello everyone~! Halloween in Twisted Wonderland is back again this year! I'm Saori from Otaku Republic, and I've already played through Chapter 1!
Hello everyone. So it's that time of the season again, huh~. I'm Boss from Otaku Republic, and I'd love to hear what the story is about right away.
Sure thing! This year's Halloween in Twisted Wonderland features an entirely new story! New characters make their debut, and the event is inspired by, or should I say, collaborating with, that classic Disney movie!

【Twisted Wonderland】Halloween 2023 Collaborates with the Movie Pinocchio! What is the Secret of the Phantom Amusement Park “Playful Land”?

Ooh! Collaborating with Pinocchio, huh!
Exactly! The setting for this event is the “Phantom Amusement Park”! The story from Chapter 1 already seems quite interesting, so let's dive in right away!

Stage in Playful Land ~Dancing Dolls and the Illusive Amusement Park~ is a story like this!

The basketball team's aces lost in an inter-school match.
To take their minds off things, they go for a meal and a stroll in a nearby port town. Conversations naturally drift to their daily school lives—being scolded in class, not doing well on tests, and the students find themselves complaining about their daily routines.
'Ah, I wish something fun would happen.'
Two individuals approached these students.
The ones who approached them were brothers named Felo and Gidel.
Upon hearing the students lamenting their dull daily school lives, the brothers offered them a ticket. The destination on the ticket was none other than......!
Playful Land, a world-famous amusement park in Twisted Wonderland.
It was a park garnering attention as 'the amusement park where you forget the passage of time' and 'the most promising and attention-grabbing amusement park right now.'
However, this amusement park was also famous as the 'amusement park where the way to get there is unknown.'
So it's also known as an 'illusory amusement park.' Only a select few are allowed to visit, and one can only enter if invited by someone. Apparently, these brothers, Felo and Gidel, seem to be the ones selecting who gets invited to Playful Land.
Once you enter, it's all-you-can-play, and food and drinks inside the park are free!
......However, it does seem too good to be true. Although they want to skip school to go to the amusement park, the students are left with a dilemma.
However, Felo convinces them, saying, 'If you miss this opportunity, you won't get another one,' and 'You'll only skip school for one day.' He informs them that they should come to the port town if they want to go to Playful Land when he returns in a few days.
Everyone tries to get permission to go out from the dormitory heads and deputy heads, but they are severely scolded and told not to go to such a suspicious amusement park.
However, there are some who become newly interested after hearing about Playful Land.
On the designated day, those who sneaked out of school, those who followed out of concern, and those who were intrigued by the promise of the best shows and rides, all end up going to Playful Land as guided by Felo.
Since they've come this far, they should fully enjoy the attractions of Playful Land.
The best shows, the best food, the best amusement park. They are encouraged to fully enjoy their one day of freedom. Spurred by these words, all the students who came to play enter Playful Land. And just as they disappear from view at the entrance......
Felo bursts out laughing with Gidel.
'That was close! We almost missed the perfect “suckers!” '
'Once they enter Playful Land, they're ours. Let them fully enjoy the 'illusory amusement park' and make happy memories. Little do they know, those will be their 'final' happy memories!'

The characters invited to Playful Land this time are as follows!

●SSR Ace Trappola [Playful Dress]


●SSR Ortho Shroud [Playful Gear]


●SSR Kalim Al-Asim [Playful Dress]


●SR Leona Kingscholar [Playful Dress]


●SR Cater Diamond [Playful Dress]


●SR Vil Schoenheit [Playful Dress]

These characters will join you as you progress through the story. Although official images have not been released yet, they have entered Playful Land with you!

●SR Floyd Leech [Playful Dress]


●R Jade Leech [Playful Dress]


●R Jack Howl [Playful Dress]


R Lilia Vanrouge [Playful Dress]


●R Trey Clover [Playful Dress]


So it was a bad invitation after all, huh?
It was suspicious from the start. It seems that Playful Land is a massive amusement park that moves across the ocean, changing its location from time to time. Meaning, once you enter, it won't be easy to leave...... What will happen to the students' fate!? I'm looking forward to the rest of the story!
If the story follows the lines of the movie Pinocchio after this......
Given how similar the introduction has been, I can't help but think the same. Quite a number of students have entered Playful Land, which is worrying...... What will happen next? I'm very excited to find out!
Twisted Wonderland

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