【Half Anniversary!】Space-themed Open-World RPG! Honkai: Star Rail, a New Game Released by miHoYo, the Creator of Genshin Impact!

Hello everyone. Half Anniversary is such a good phrase, isn't it? I have a feeling we might get some nice items. I'm Saori from Otaku Republic.
Game-loving Saori is saying something. But Half Anniversary, that's a good phrase. I'm Boss from Otaku Republic.
So, the work we're introducing today that has been garnering attention is this game that's about to celebrate its Half Anniversary! It's an open-world RPG with the grand theme of space!

【Celebrating the Half Anniversary!】 An Open-World RPG with “Space” as Its Theme! This is Honkai: Star Rail, a New Game Released by miHoYo, the Creator of Genshin Impact!

What is Honkai: Star Rail?

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Honkai: Star Rail is a smartphone RPG released by miHoYo.
The genre is a 'Strategy Command RPG,' a type of RPG game where you choose strategies and tactics through commands to enjoy the story.
The Chinese game company miHoYo started the service as its fifth game in April 2023, and will celebrate its half-anniversary in October 2023.
As indicated by the title 'Honkai,' it is the third installment in the 'Honkai series,' following 'Honkai Impact 3rd' and 'Guns GirlZ,' both of which were previously released by miHoYo. The setting is a parallel world where humanity has acquired space exploration technology, differing from the worlds of the previous games.
The basic game system has many similarities with 'Genshin Impact,' also released by miHoYo. However, the setting is more futuristic and space-themed, giving it a completely different feel.
The platforms on which the game is currently available are iOS, iPad OS, Android, and Windows, and it is planned to support PlayStation in the future.
Ah, so miHoYo is the company that operates Genshin Impact.
Genshin Impact
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Exactly! That's why Honkai: Star Rail is also a game where you can explore a vast open-world universe! However, it's quite different from the world of Genshin Impact, as it's a space-themed work. The worlds are quite distinct, which makes it interesting!

In a nutshell, here's what the early part of the story is like!

The story takes place in a certain universe. This universe is filled with a mysterious energy material called “Star Cores.” Utilizing these Star Cores, life forms have made exponential advancements, allowing them to travel through space.
One day, a person known as 'Kafka,' famous as a Star Core Hunter, infiltrates a space station.
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There, Kafka summons a “Player” from another world and implants a “Star Core” into their body while they are semi-conscious.
Left stranded in an incomprehensible otherworld and implanted with a “Star Core,” the “Player” is at a loss for what to do. The Player decides to join the “Star Rail” to seek Kafka and unravel the mystery of the Star Cores, with the help of various people.
Hmm! So you travel through that universe on a train to new places and meet new characters, huh?
Exactly! So depending on the places, planets, and worlds you visit, a variety of characters make their appearance, which is also an attraction of the game!
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The game has only been released for half a year, so catching up is still pretty easy! Feel free to dive in! Enjoy the world of Honkai: Star Rail before it celebrates its first anniversary!
Honkai: Star Rail

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