【This Week's New BL Manga】 Mokke No Saiwai, Mask Danshi, Happy of the End, and MORE!


Mokke No Saiwai
Hidou Tei

Mokke No Saiwai
Even in the world of beastmen, there is student life and working life.
Haruta, a cat beastman, was also feeling fed up with the upcoming job-hunting season that was just around the corner.
He wanted to live more freely, just like a cat.
In search of wonderful encounters, Haruta was interacting with various beastmen every day. One day, he meets an unimaginably beautiful beastman......!?

Mask Danshi: This Shouldn't Lead to Love vol.4
マスク男子は恋したくないのに (4)
Sangou Mitsuru

Mask Danshi: This Shouldn't Lead to Love vol.4
Shy high school student Sayama has always lived his life wearing a mask and avoiding communication with those around him.
However, Saikawa, who is cheerful and friendly, always talks to and teases Sayama, seemingly interested in him.
The two are polar opposites in personality and have completely different approaches to communication. Despite finding Saikawa's advances annoying, Sayama finds himself gradually growing closer to him......
The fourth volume of the popular series, which also has its own original anime, is released this week!
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Risky Sugar Spice

Risky Sugar Spice
Inukai, who works at a food company, is not fond of Yuma, who should be a capable junior employee.
Although Yuma is very cheerful and competent at work, Inukai can't stand his conceited behavior.
One day, it turns out that Inukai and Yuma will be attending a company drinking party together.
During the party, a female colleague gets harassed by a strange man. Inukai tries to intervene but ends up in a pinch himself.
Yuma comes to Inukai's aid in this situation, but......?

Happy of the End vol.3
ハッピー・オブ・ジ・エンド (3)
Ogeretsu Tanaka

Happy of the End vol.3
Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.
Chihiro, who lives day-to-day without a stable job, spent a night with an unknown man one day.
However, for some reason, he was beaten up by the man and dumped in a garbage disposal area during the night.
It was an unbelievable night.
Yet, upon waking up, Chihiro finds that unbelievable events are still to come.
Turns out, Keito, the man who hurt Chihiro last night, has come to retrieve him.
You never know what life will bring.
The latest volume of the newest work by Ogeretsu Tanaka-Sensei, the author of the representative work Yarichin☆Bitch-bu, has been released!
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Yakuza ga Tensei Shitara Mori Ranmaru Datta ken vol.3
ヤクザが転生したら森蘭丸だった件 3
Toumi Sato

Yakuza ga Tensei Shitara Mori Ranmaru Datta ken vol.3
Due to betrayal from his subordinates, Hajime, who was living as a Yakuza leader in modern times, lost his life.
When he woke up, he found himself in a rural-like setting—surprisingly, not in modern times, but in the Sengoku era hundreds of years ago!
What's more, the one who helped Hajime, who had nowhere to go, was none other than the historical figure Oda Nobunaga!
Oda Nobunaga, who took Hajime in, decided to name him Mori Ranmaru and keep him by his side.
However, Hajime knew that eventually, Oda Nobunaga would face betrayal from his subordinates, just like him, and would die......
Would he follow the course of correct history, or would he save Oda Nobunaga, who was supposed to die?
What future will Hajime choose!? The highly popular series releases its 3rd volume!
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