【This Week's New BL Manga】Kuchizuke wa Uso no Aji, News ni Naranai Koi Desuga and MORE!


Kuchizuke wa Uso no Aji
vol. 9

Sagami Waka

This is an outrageous love story between a “terrible” man and a “bad” man.
As a businessman, Kazutomo is incredibly excellent. However, having little interest in friendship or love, he is invited to a stylish bar by a friend one day. There, he “reunites” with the bartender, Makio. Just like when they met before, they hit it off and Makio had a captivating charm.
Kazutomo, who had shown little interest in others until now. Felt a sense of “destiny” with the reunited Makio and tries to deepen their relationship...... From there, an incredible romance was about to begin......!

News ni Naranai Koi Desuga

Wataru, a local TV station announcer, is in his third year since joining, but the ratings and reports were not particularly well received.
He tries his best every day, but the results are not forthcoming. Wataru's way of relieving stress is to disguise himself and chat with various people at a bar! Today, after finishing work and heading to a bar for a change of pace, he meets a man. He becomes close with that man, but...... it turns out that the man was Kyouji, whom he had dated briefly in high school......!?
Wataru, who has grown up and reunited, and now his secret of having a relationship with a man is revealed! Kyouji's proposed condition is...... “Support me for just two months!” !?

Wa ga Itoshi no Kyuutei Majutsushi
Ariki Eiko

The talented court magician, Yuris, while undoubtedly skilled in magic, was utterly lacking in sociability due to his deep immersion in research and magic.
The kingdom's princess is infatuated with such a cool Yuris! She always wanted to be by Yuris' side and was always following him around...... Because of this, baseless rumors began to spread that “The princess was kidnapped by Yuris!”
Leonhardt, the princess's guard knight, comes to Yuris to retrieve the princess! Amidst the outrageous commotion, a pot thrown by Yuris hits Leonhardt directly in the head! Inside it was...... an outrageous “love potion”!?

Koi ni Suruni wa Ayafuya Sugiru
Narita Natsumi

Since elementary school, Minami has secretly been in love with his childhood friend, Yudai. However, being childhood friends and both being male, Minami kept his feelings a secret and never confessed.
Having grown up and become a university student, Minami had been apart from Yudai for a while...... but during that time, Yudai had gotten a girlfriend! While that was a happy news, Minami was still devastated by the heartbreak. Drowning his sorrows, he drank until he was completely drunk...... and then, an unfamiliar young man appeared in front of Minami......?

Futago to Sensei

There were twins in a certain place, indistinguishable by anyone. The twins were very beautiful, both intelligent, polite, athletic, and no one could tell them apart.
......except for one “teacher”.
Only the high school teacher, Usami, could correctly distinguish between the twin brothers. Even when one twin pretended to be the other, Usami could see through it and interacted with them properly. The twins began to look at such a teacher with respect...... and with a “special” feeling they couldn't tell anyone.
This is the story of the beautiful twins and the “teacher” who caught their eye.

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