Popular “ONE PIECE” Characters in X Reader!


What is X Reader?

X Reader is a term used in secondary creations known as “Yumehon” in Japan. It's a creative genre that depicts interactions between copyrighted characters from manga or games and original characters prepared by the reader (writer).
Depending on the writer, the relationship can vary, such as being depicted as a friendship with an original character or a work depicting a romantic relationship. By introducing original characters that do not originally appear in the work, it is a popular creative genre that can express personalities and behaviors that copyrighted characters do not usually show, without changing the relationship with other copyrighted characters in the same work.
* This article does not contain spoilers that approach the core of the latest episodes of the story. The purpose of this article is to provide clear answers to the question, “What kind of character is this?”.

Smoker x Reader (Female)


Who is Smoker?

Smoker is a character from ONE PIECE and is a military officer affiliated with the Navy headquarters.
Initially, he held the rank of “Colonel” in the headquarters, a rather high position, and his rank changes as the story progresses. He holds the belief that “no matter what pirates do, they are always pirates” and has rigorously suppressed them.
He has the ability to do so, but (for the Navy) his behavior is slightly bad. He has a strong stance against evil and injustice rather than pirates, and is willing to collaborate with pirates to some extent in order to rectify evil.
In essence, he has a somewhat bad character, but he can confront unreasonableness for the sake of true justice.
Colonel Smoker may have this slightly bad personality, but it's great how he sees the truth and essence properly!
He's kind to small children, and despite his appearance...... I know it's rude to say, but you just want to get along with him...... I think that's the charm of his character.
In x Reader stories, since he's a Navy Colonel, many works depict him with a modern parody theme, which is also a unique characteristic!

Shanks x Reader (Female)


Who is Shanks?

Shanks is a character from ONE PIECE, and he is the person who entrusted the straw hat to the protagonist, Luffy.
He is a pirate who came to the village where a young Luffy lived, became close with Luffy, and upon parting, promised to meet again and entrusted him with the straw hat. This inspired Luffy to admire pirates and set off on his journey, but Shanks didn't make an appearance for a long time after that.
However, when he reappeared, it became clear that his pirate crew had become a formidable organization on a global scale, and he was renowned as its captain.
His character is very loyal, caring for his crew and subordinates, and has a magnanimous nature. Basically, even if he himself is insulted, he doesn't show anger, but when his friends or close ones are hurt, he shows intense fervor.
He has some childish tendencies, but he undoubtedly has the qualities of a leader for a major pirate crew, and that gap makes him an extremely attractive character.
Recently, Shanks has appeared a lot in the manga and film versions, and his popularity is skyrocketing, isn't it?
Even though he didn't appear for a long time, since his reappearance, there's been a solid depiction of what kind of person Shanks is. He's really cool, but he still has a somewhat childish side from the past, which is really appealing!

Sanji x Reader (Female)


Who is Sanji?

Sanji is a character from ONE PIECE and is a chef who is a member of the protagonist, Luffy's pirate crew.
To protect his hands, which can be called a chef's lifeline, he fights using his legs. He possesses incredible combat skills, is also adept in strategy, and sometimes traps and outsmarts his enemies.
He is very polite and gentlemanly towards women, and has sworn never to be violent towards women, even if they are enemies. On the other hand, his treatment of men is somewhat rough, and he sometimes receives complaints from his comrades.
However, as a chef, he holds the pride that “no matter who it is, if they are hungry, they must be fed”, and acts strongly based on his beliefs.
Good at cooking! Kind to women! And strong and reliable! ...... That's the charm of Sanji.
But not only that, he has a slightly childish side, and while he's genuinely kind and gentlemanly, he makes you want to see his true feelings. He's that kind of character!
Here too, there are many x Reader books with a modern parody concept. It's interesting to see how they meet and how they get to touch Sanji's true feelings!

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