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Jouzu ni Dekita ne Watasesan
(Well Done, Mr. Watase)
Nohagi Aki

Jouzu ni Dekita ne Watasesan
Recently gaining attention in Japan, this work features a Dom/Sub universe setting that is gathering popularity and attention comparable to Omegaverse!
The protagonist Watase is a male with a Sub gender.
He used to have a Dom partner, but due to the overly coercive and dominant nature of the relationship, he had been hesitant to form a new partnership.
However, his desires as a Sub continue to grow day by day.
He doesn't want to find a Dom partner, yet he wants to satisfy his Sub desires...... In the midst of this, he encounters Touma, an ideal Dom.
He wants to become partners, but he doesn't want to form a partnership...... Amidst such dilemmas, Touma reveals a certain secret to the troubled Watase!

Toritsukarerumo Tashou no En
(Possession is Another Form of Connection)

Toritsukarerumo Tashou no En
Ivu, a young demon, was a 'dropout.'
Normally, it's a demon's mission to consume human 'goodness' and lead them to corruption, but for some reason, Ivu could only consume human 'malice.'
Humans from whom malice was consumed naturally became good people as only their goodness remained.
There was no way he could lead them to corruption, but...... one day Ivu met a Yakuza who hated humans.
Out of desperation, he consumed the Yakuza's goodness...... and astonishingly, the Yakuza's work started to falter! He successfully made the Yakuza fail at his job!
Pleased with this outcome, Ivu decides to possess the Yakuza...... but?

Takara-kun to Amagi-kun vol.4
高良くんと天城くん vol.4
Hanage No Mai

Takara-kun to Amagi-kun vol4
Live-action drama adaptation confirmed! The latest volume of the hit BL comic series!
Takara-kun and Amagi-kun are classmates in the same high school.
They started dating due to a mysterious circumstance...... However, Takara-kun is so reticent that it makes Amagi-kun anxious about his actions!
Is love always this frustrating!?
The series captures the raw and innocent relationships of high school boys so compellingly that it keeps gaining new fans! This is the popular series' fourth volume!
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Omega ≠ Idol
Narita Haruno

Omega ≠ Idol
Toki has the perfect looks, exceptional physical abilities, and performance sense for an idol.
Yet Toki, who seems destined to become such an idol, has a dilemma: his gender is 'Omega'......
Hiding this fact, Toki takes on the dream of participating in an idol audition.
However, during the audition, he becomes suspicious to Reo, an 'Alpha,' who is teamed up with him......!?
Will they both pass the audition and fulfill their dreams of becoming idols?

Shinryaku! Uchu Neko Chan!
(Invasion! Space Cat Chan!)
侵略! 宇宙猫チャン!
Moto Haruhira

Shinryaku! Uchu Neko Chan!
Hozutsumi, a former high school teacher, has an uninvited regular guest at his home: Imaji, his former student who is now a photographer.
The two share a relationship that's almost like that of lovers, yet not quite...... it's complicated.
However, one day, Imaji, while out walking his beloved dog, picks up a mysterious cat.
And astonishingly, this cat can...... talk!?
Moreover, the cat confidently claims to have come from space and decides to make itself at home at Hozutsumi's place!
The arrival of the talking cat starts to change the dynamics of the relationship between the two.
This is a slightly unusual, attention-grabbing space cat & love story......!?

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