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Koi wo Kurawaba Oni Made
(Love Until It Consumes Even a Demon)
Narazaki Neneko

Koi wo Kurawaba Oni Made
The protagonist, Itaru, carries a certain fate. He is part of a family destined to be 'sacrifices' who will be eaten by beings known as 'demons' by the time they turn 20.
He has been protected by a charm he received from his grandmother up until now, but just before he turns 20, he gets discovered by a demon!
However, the demon who caught Itaru reveals an astonishing truth.
It turns out, the demons themselves will die unless they eat a member of the 'sacrifice' family by the time they turn 20! What is the fate of the demon and the sacrifice who have now met?

Rashikunai Yone Koi Dayone
(It Doesn't Seem Like Love, But It Is)
Uchida Kaworu

Rashikunai Yone Koi Dayone
Yuki, who works as a game streamer, falls in love at first sight with a young man who delivers a package to his house one day!
However, Yuki worries that it would be rude to suddenly start talking to him. If only there was some way to become friends......
Then one day, another delivery person leaves a huge package in front of his door, trapping him inside his house!
In this pinch, the young man who Yuki was enamored with comes to the rescue! The two get to know each other through this incident.
However, neither of them realize that from that moment, a 'huge misunderstanding' has begun!

Offering to the Shark Tribe After Marriage

Offering to the Shark Tribe After Marriage
There were two tribes living on an island.
These two tribes had been fighting for a very long time, but at one point, they made a promise and ceased their hostilities.
The agreement was that 'one newly-adult member would be offered every year from the Tangata tribe to the Miyaru tribe.'
This promise was passed down through the generations, and it was around the time that Aver, the son of the chief of the Tangata tribe, was about to decide who should be the next 'offering'......
that he encounters Tukiri, a young man from the 'Miyaru tribe,' who can also transform into a shark form, being both a human and a sea creature!
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Singing in Complex Blue
Yuzumachi Shio

Singing in Complex Blue
The debut of a boy idol group called THE LITTLE FOX, composed of four members, has been decided.
Just when Izuru, one of the members, was delighted about their debut and thinking that they should all work hard together......
Yui, another member, realizes that he actually does not enjoy 'the work of an idol.'
Their work as idols has just begun! While forcing is not good, Izuru thinks there are wonderful aspects to the job and wants Yui to come to like it. So, not entirely seriously, he says to the reluctant Yui, 'First, try to like me, not the work of an idol!'

How to Love Crybaby Honey
Komadori Pita

How to Love Crybaby Honey
Jin, who is described as 'too cool' and 'perfect superhuman' at a certain company, has a secret.
The secret is that he is actually extremely shy and when he goes to a place where no one can see him, he feels relieved and can't stop crying.
Living with such a secret, he one day gets found out by his junior colleague Ikuto, who has a reputation for being excellent.
Even after learning Jin's secret, Ikuto doesn't tease him but rather indulges him, suggesting that it's okay to fix the issue little by little.
Will Jin's secretive disposition ever change? A trending BL story that focuses on the secret relationship between the two!

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