【GOOD COMIC CITY 29】Don't Miss the Massive Doujinshi Event on 9/24! Catch the Last All-genre Doujinshi Event of September!

Hello everyone~! I'm Saori from Otaku Republic~!
This weekend is the last Sunday of September, and on that day, there will be a huge all-genre event taking place! An all-genre event is not limited to a specific genre; it boasts an incredible lineup where various types of Doujinshi are released!

【GOOD COMIC CITY 29】Don't miss the massive Doujinshi event on 9/24! Catch the last all-genre Doujinshi event of September!

So! With that said, let's quickly check out what kind of Doujinshi will be released at GOOD COMIC CITY 29! As of now, the number of works accepting pre-orders has exceeded 1,000!

Here are the anime and game works that are particularly receiving a lot of pre-orders at the moment!

Jujutsu Kaisen (Sorcery Fight)
Slam Dunk
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Ensemble Stars!
Blue Lock
Golden Kamuy
Meitantei Conan (Case Closed)
Twisted Wonderland

If you want to get more specific, there's also a ranking where you can check the top 100 popular Doujinshi at the moment!
Top 100 GOOD COMIC CITY 29 this week
If the Doujinshi you want is already fully booked or sold out and you're wondering if it's still available for purchase, try using our two types of request submission corners! Of course, we'll also check if Doujinshi from events other than GOOD COMIC CITY 29 are available for purchase!
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That's it for now! See you later!

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