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Isso Kore wo Ummei to YobeIsso Kore wo Ummei to Yobe (Let's Call This Destiny) vol.1
いっそこれを運命と呼べ vol.1
Shiokara Nigai

Isso Kore wo Ummei to Yobe
Although Touno has a scary face, he is actually a fairly well-known novelist. One day, unable to make any progress in his writing, he went for a walk to escape reality.
However, there he encountered a young man who cheerfully skipped into a bookstore.
What on earth is the young man buying? When Touno peeked into the bookstore, he discovered the young man was cheerfully purchasing Touno's new book that was released a few days ago!
Touno was delighted, but his curiosity led to an unexpected chain of events! Could this be the beginning of a slightly strange love story between an author and his passionate fan?

Yagachou (Painter of the Night) vol.5
夜画帳 vol.5

Yagachou vol.5
In front of a famous retired erotic painter, a young man notorious for his homosexual relationships appeared.
Captivated by the overwhelming artistic ability of the erotic painter and his enthralling world, the young man forcefully takes the reluctant painter to his own mansion and issues an outrageous command: “I want you to use me as the subject for your erotic paintings.”
Highly anticipated since its serialization began, and now the fifth volume is finally released!
What changes will occur in the relationship between the erotic painter and the young man, which has garnered attention even internationally?

Cuddle Jujin Omegaverse vol.1
カドル ‐獣人オメガバース‐ vol.1
Hasumi Hana

Cuddle Jujin Omegaverse vol.1
A new series starts serialization in an omnibus comic depicting a BL story between a beastman and a human, incorporating Omegaverse settings!
A young Omega human, who has lost his beloved partner and is set to marry into nobility for the sake of paying off debt, becomes the focus.
His arranged marriage partner is a beastman, who is also famous as an Alpha.
The human young man is not at all enthusiastic about a marriage that ignores his circumstances, but he learns that the Alpha beastman also harbors similar concerns......?
To protect each other's “precious things,” the two decide to come together as faux partners, but......!?

Tashiro-kun, Kimi tte Yatsu wa vol.4
鯛代くん、君ってやつは。 vol.4

Tashiro-kun, Kimi tte Yatsu wa vol.4
Tashiro-Kun, who is socially awkward but irresistibly cool when he lets his guard down, and his cute junior Ebihara-kun who's constantly being led around by him! A comedy x BL manga depicting the relaxed daily life of the fun-loving Manga Research Club enters its 4th volume!
In the 4th volume, the familiar faces of the Manga Research Club go on a field trip to observe a model photo shoot! Tashiro-Kun's good looks shine through here as well, but even Sega becomes inspired and starts to compete fiercely!
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Shota Oni vol.4
ショタおに vol.4
Nakayama Miyuki

Shota Oni vol.4
Tsubaki, an elementary school student, loves her childhood friend Yu, a high school student, very much!
But of course, Yu doesn't pay attention to Tsubaki at all......in fact, he just treats her like a child!
I'll do whatever I can to protect Yu as a man! And I want you to be aware!
This is a heartwarming and very cute BL love story about Tsubaki, who is completely ignored by high school students, but is still determined!
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