【Fall Anime 2023】Celebrating its 3rd Anniversary, Finally Becoming Animated! "Paradox Live", a Stylish Show About Rap Battles in the Near Future!

Hello everyone. Speaking of rap battles......rhythm is actually important. I'm Boss from Otaku Republic, and I've never participated in a rap battle.
Really? By the way, Boss mentioned rap battles, but the show we're introducing today is actually themed around hip-hop battles. I'm Saori from Otaku Republic, and I've never done a rap or hip-hop battle either!
So! That being said! What we're introducing today is an Autumn anime series that will start airing in October 2023! It's celebrating its 3rd anniversary and is being developed as a multimedia project in Japan, so not many people might know about it. But we'd love for you to get to know it! It's a super stylish and cool musical project!

【Autumn Anime 2023】Celebrating its 3rd Anniversary, Finally Becoming Animated! The Highlights of Paradox Live, a Stylish Show About Rap Battles in the Near Future, are Here!

What is Paradox Live?

The stage is set in the near future. Young people are increasingly participating in the hip-hop battle competition “Paradox Live,” where illusions are projected, but......!?
The time is a little further ahead than now. Just when every conceivable expression of HIPHOP culture seemed to have been exhausted and the culture was about to decline......someone invents something incredible.
By processing a special metal called 'phantometal' and integrating it with your own DNA, you can actually project illusions. This allows HIPHOP battles to become shows that directly display the mental state of the equipped individuals as hallucinations. Although users may experience the side effect of seeing their own traumas as hallucinations, battles utilizing phantometal have quickly gained popularity and become a hot topic.
Amidst all this, it has been decided that a hip-hop battle competition using phantometal, called 'Paradox Live,' will be held. The members of the four approved groups, while being tormented by their own traumas, have decided to participate in 'Paradox Live' to prove they are the strongest.
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The highlight is definitely 'Paradox Live'! The visuals of the near-future hip-hop battles, which had not been revealed until now, are finally being unveiled!

Personally, I think the biggest highlight of 'Paradox Live' is that its events are finally being visualized! Until now, it had been developed through music CDs, so the nature of the battles was shrouded in mystery...... but now, with its anime adaptation, the scenes from 'Paradox Live' will finally be depicted, making that the main point of interest!
I see. The music is pretty stylish and nice. I'm indeed curious about what the battles will look like; it's very exciting!
Everyone, please make sure to listen to Paradox Live's music before the anime airs! There are many wonderful songs that have been released over the past three years!
Paradox Live

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