【This Week's New BL Manga】White Liar, Happy Kuso Life vol.5, Yankee to Carameliser, and MORE!


White Liar
Serizawa Tomo

White Liar
Kei had sworn in his heart, 'I won't fall in love seriously anymore.'
Kei, who was working as a freelance hairstylist, suddenly receives a request from the popular actor Taiga one day.
At first glance, he seemed to have a cool personality...... but after cutting his hair, he turns out to be very cheerful and invites Kei to dinner.
From there, a strange relationship between the two begins. What will become of the love between a popular actor who shows different faces every time they meet and a hairstylist who is easily swayed?
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Ore no xxx wo Kaese!! - Toaru bouken-sha no Junan-
俺の×××を返せ!! ~とある冒険者の受難~
Mashiro Shiroiro

Ore no xxx wo Kaese!! - Toaru bouken-sha no Junan-
In a certain different world, the adventurer Estre is cursed by a magician for the crime of approaching the princess!
The magic does something unbelievable...... It turns the male-bodied Estre into a female!
Desperate to return to his male body, Estre seeks a witch living in the forest...... but the person who appears is a rather unimpressive male magician!
Will Estre ever return to his original body?

Yankee to Carameliser
Umeshibu Chiuko

Yankee to Carameliser
Despite being a high school student, Akito was an influencer who would receive a flood of high ratings as soon as he posted videos on social media.
In Akito's class, there was a boy named Maki who looked like he had a bad reputation.
Akito knew a secret about Maki.
Every weekend, Maki would make one very delicious and cute-looking dessert and post a picture of it on social media.
Akito had always thought that with some marketing ingenuity, Maki's desserts could reach even more people......
And thus, their relationship slowly starts to shift...... A sweet BL story, like a dessert, is finally compiled into a single volume!

Happy Kuso Life vol.5

Happy Kuso Life vol.5
This is a BL comic series that's exceptionally spirited and fun, featuring an elite employee who was accidentally discovered doing some hardcore play at the company late at night and subsequently got transferred to the countryside, and a lowlife he meets there whose motives are unclear.
In volume 5, Kazuya, the perverted salaryman, still can't make his way back to the city from the countryside he was transferred to. Will he finally be able to return to the city in this volume? Probably not, but that's what makes it fun! The series continues to gain passionate support from fans, making it a hard x gag x BL comic to watch!
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Kowamote no Rinjin ga Ω datta Toki no Taishohou
Nikuya Inui

Kowamote no Rinjin ga Ω datta Toki no Taishohou
Kouta, who is both a college student and an α, was scared of his neighbor.
The neighbor, Miyanaga, has an incredibly frightening face and looks just like someone from the Yakuza.
However, one day, an overwhelming Ω scent suddenly emanates from outside Kouta's house!?
Upon opening the door, standing there is...... a weakened version of Miyanaga, the neighbor who looked so frightening before!?

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