【This Week's New BL Manga】Given, Papa×Papa, Hyakkujitsu no Bara Maiden Rose IV, and MORE!


Given vol.9
ギヴン -given- (9)
Kizu Natsuki

Given vol.9
Given has finally concluded.
The final volume of the hugely popular BL comics, which has been adapted into an anime, released as a movie, and even staged, is finally going on sale on September 1st.
Starting in a particular winter, Mafuyu, who has risen from the depths of despair, along with those who have supported him and walked with him—everything about their music and love is packed into 'Given,' which is now finally concluding!!

Papa×Papa Alpha to Omega de Fuufu Yattemasu vol.2
パパ×パパ~αとΩで夫夫やってます~ 2
Kondou Asahi

Papa×Papa Alpha to Omega de Fuufu Yattemasu vol.2
Kousuke, who works at a construction site, is an Ω and has been blessed with two very cute children.
Kousuke's husband is Haruka, an α who is a writer and also works as a house-husband.
In this family of four, with an α and an Ω, there may be difficulties and injustices, but their daily life is filled with joy.
The work vividly depicts not just the heartwarming aspects of this family, but also the challenges of living in the Omegaverse world, making it a talked-about heartful series!
With the first volume receiving high acclaim and going into reprint, this Omegaverse Family BL series meticulously portrays the life of two 'husbands' and their family!
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Hyakkujitsu no Bara IV
百日の薔薇 Maiden Rose IV
Inariya Fusanosuke

Hyakkujitsu no Bara Maiden Rose IV
Taki, a talented commander born into adistinguished family.
The man who swears loyalty to him is Klaus, an outstanding knight and warrior, but also an uncontrollable man referred to as the 'Mad Dog.'
In the midst of intense warfare, the two trust each other to survive together, yet
their relationship is slowly transcending that of 'master and servant'......
Unfolding in another world, this long-running BL series with its serious and orthodox storyline is incredibly popular!
The latest volume in the series is set to be released on 9/1!

Oshi ga Ore wo Suki Kamo Shitenai !? Kono Sex wa Souteigai
推しが俺を好きかもしれない!? このセックスは想定外。
Asuno Raka

Oshi ga Ore wo Suki Kamo Shitenai !? Kono Sex wa Souteigai
Kairi, a college student, was incredibly fond of the idol RIN.
He loved RIN so much that he couldn't even go to live shows. He couldn't even bear the thought of actually meeting RIN, finding his purpose in life solely in supporting her.
However, Kairi's daily life takes a sudden turn.
Surprisingly! His father decides to remarry, and the child from his new spouse turns out to be none other than RIN!
Tell me it's a lie! It seems like a dream to live as siblings since she is incredibly nice...... however, it seems like their relationship might develop into something more than just siblings, which is unbelievable!
What if your overly beloved idol suddenly became your sibling!?
This is a hot topic, a fast-paced slapstick romantic comedy that explores such a scenario!

Itsuwari Omega wa Kyouken Alpha ni Aisareru
Akairo Mash

Itsuwari Omega wa Kyouken Alpha ni Aisareru
Metropolitan Police Organized Crime Countermeasures Division.
Assigned to this newly established division was Aikawa, who had formerly been in public security and had thrived as an ace.
However, Aikawa has a secret: he is actually an Omega, but has been living disguised as an Alpha.
Chosen as Aikawa's buddy was Shinjou, who astonishingly has a colorful background as a former mafia member!
Due to Shinjou's overwhelming presence as an Alpha, Aikawa, who is an Omega, takes on missions with him while harboring a sense of caution......!
Starting its serialization in 2022, this BL manga that gained popularity as a Buddy x Action x Omegaverse comic, finally gets its first volume released this week.

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