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Virgin Red
ヴァージンレッド (arca comics)
Koyama Akiko

Virgin Red
Since childhood, Arata has been fascinated by the mouths of animals. Since being dumped by his high school girlfriend for being “too insistent on kissing,” he has lived hiding that hobby.
Fearing rejection and unable to engage in love, Arata's growing desire is vented by gazing at the lips of magazine models. Among these days, he met a senior at university, Morisawa, one year his senior. Even in a mask, Morisawa's beautiful features are recognizable, and Arata's desire for his lips grows even more!! This is a popular BL manga work that depicts such unstoppable fetishism!

Kingin Sasameku Himitsu Wa Yoru
金銀ささめくひみつは夜 (バーズコミックス ラブキスボーイズコレクション)
Nojiro Guri

Kingin Sasameku Himitsu Wa Yoru
In a certain magical country, there were two men. Mikado, who was serious but inflexible, and Alloy, who was gentle and flexible and loved by all.
The two supported the lifeline of the country using magic.
Alloy, who supports the daily life of the residents as a battalion leader, was liked by everyone for his glamorous beauty and noble background, and his attitude of treating everyone fairly and equally, regardless of their status.
On the other hand, Mikado, who was feared by his colleagues for being too enthusiastic about his work, did not even care about Alloy's kind treatment and dismissed him.
They were total opposites, and if they met, they would argue.
But the two had a secret that they could not tell anyone......

Binkan Yankyee wo Dokusen Training
敏感ヤンキーを独占トレーニング (DaitoComics)
Matsunaga Hijiri

Binkan Yankyee wo Dokusen Training
Torajirou, the No.1 delinquent in the school that everyone fears. The only person who was close to Torajirou was his childhood friend Satoru, who was in the college-preparatory course.
In fact, contrary to his appearance, Torajirou had an honest and kind personality, and only Satoru knew that...... or so it was supposed to be! But one day, Torajirou confided to him that 'my girlfriend said this to me,' and Satoru, feeling frustrated, decides to solve the problem out of possessiveness!

Monster and Ghost
モンスターアンドゴースト 1 (B.Pilz COMICS)

Monster and Ghost
Feared as a monster due to his appearance, Tsubaki had been in the spotlight for violent incidents since the first day of his transfer to high school.
Even when he helps someone, he's misunderstood as being threatening from a distance. Tired of his actions backfiring, one day a breathtakingly beautiful Kabuto with gem-like eyes appears before Tsubaki.
Kabuto understood Tsubaki's true intentions and actions without any fear. Tsubaki, who had almost despaired of everything in this world, was saved by Kabuto. However, “Kabuto” was a ghost no longer in this world.
This is a poignant pure love story of a boy feared as a monster and a ghost who stands by him.
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Kawaii Dakeja Manzoku Dekinai
可愛いだけじゃ満足できない (ダリアコミックス)
Momose An

Kawaii Dakeja Manzoku Dekinai
The long-awaited book release of the spin-off 'Osananajimi ja Gaman Dekinai' (I Can't Stand Being Your Childhood Friend) written by Momose An-Sensei!
College student Kouichirou, who appeared in 'Osananajimi ja Gaman Dekinai,' meets high school student Juri, who is looking for a male partner, in a cafe he was invited to. Kouichirou makes blunt remarks to the younger Juri, but Juri argues back aptly despite his cute appearance.
Though their first impression of each other wasn't very good, from that day on, the two of them gradually deepen their relationship......!
Please, enjoy reading this spin-off work along with 'Osananajimi ja Gaman Dekinai' (I Can't Stand Being Your Childhood Friend)!

●Osananajimi ja Gaman Dekinai (I Can’t Stand Being Your Childhood Friend) (Osananajimi ja Gaman Dekinai (1)) / Momose An

Osananajimi ja Gaman Dekinai

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