【Coupling Column】Vol.58 Fushiguro Touji × ●●

※This Coupling Column is written under the author’s preference. We know all the Couplings in the world have full of freedom and love, and anybody has his/her own preference.
※This includes spoilers up to the latest episode of the currently airing 2nd season of the anime. There are no spoilers that touch on the core of the manga version that has not been animated, so please be aware.

【Coupling Column】Vol.57 Fushiguro Touji × ●●


Who is Fushiguro Touji?

Fushiguro Touji is a character appearing in Jujutsu Kaisen, and is a key character in the first half of the second season.
An excellent assassin with the nickname “Sorcerer Killer”, he is the real father of Fushiguro Megumi, who has appeared since the first season of the anime.
He loves gambling, but his luck is not very good, and he ends up not being able to make money and is treated by the women he is dating, a hopeless character.
In fact, he was born without any cursed energy, so he was neglected and raised in the Zenin family. He later ran away and married into the Fushiguro family, becoming Megumi's father.
Although he has no cursed energy, he has a very high talent for handling tools imbued with cursed energy. And if he has those tools, he can make even higher-ranked curses obey him.
He gradually expands that talent, eventually becoming an outlaw who earns rewards and bounties through antisocial means such as assassination.

Fushiguro Touji x Fushiguro Megumi

Relationship between the two: Father and son. They parted ways when they were young and never met again as “parent and child.”

●Who is Fushiguro Megumi?

A classmate of the protagonist, Itadori Yuuji, and a high school student with a genius talent for Jujutsu.
Ironically, he inherited the high cursed energy of the Zenin family, his father Touji's birthplace, and is highly regarded as an excellent sorcerer. He is serious and cool, but also has a sweetness and kindness that does not allow him to abandon the weak.
He doesn't remember much about his father Touji, as they parted ways when he was young, and he seriously doesn't care about Touji, who has never come to see him since.
The relationship between these two is so dry and painful, isn't it? Even though they are parent and child, they parted ways when they were young, but somehow...... the two never really felt it, but there were times when Touji looked back on Megumi-Kun as a father, and it was painful.
Honestly, these two are often written more as a combination or a set rather than a coupling. If they had gotten along well as parent and child without any problems, how would they have spent their time? There are many works that turn such ideas into Doujinshi. They were never to meet again as “parent and child”...... that's the kind of relationship the two are supposed to have, but......?

Fushiguro Touji x Gojou Satoru

The relationship between the two: Those who took each other's lives, and those who entrusted and were entrusted with “what came after.”

●Who is Gojou Satoru?

Gojou Satoru is a sorcerer in the work “Jujutsu Kaisen,” who is fittingly known as the “strongest.”
He is currently a teacher at the high school attended by protagonists Itadori Yuuji and Fushiguro Megumi and contributes to the development of young sorcerers.
His personality is quite light-hearted, and he influences those around him with unnecessarily bright actions and words, often interacting without respect even with his elders.
He is known to have a bad personality by both himself and others, taunting his opponents with a cheeky attitude and angering them.
However, he certainly has the skill to back it up, exuding an overwhelming presence as someone to be “wary of” from both allies and enemies since his student days.
The first half of season 2 of the anime was there to depict the decisive battle between these two...... that's the kind of relationship they have, right? The battle scene between Gojou Satoru, hailed as a “genius” sorcerer, and Fushiguro Touji, who demonstrated genius-level skill despite not being naturally gifted as a sorcerer, was breathtaking, wasn't it?
The battle ended with a resolution, and Gojou-Sensei's revenge was successful. However, at the end when asked, 'Do you have any last requests?'...... Touji tells him that in a few years, his son Megumi will be 'promoted' as a talented sorcerer's child. He didn't say he wanted protection in so many words, but Gojou-Sensei ensures that Megumi-Kun can live somewhat freely. That relationship, with its...... strange bond, is quite good, isn't it?

Fushiguro Touji x Zenin Naoya

The relationship between these two: A deeper and stronger “fate” than the two previously introduced

●Who is Zenin Naoya?

Oh, for those who know nothing about this character.
It's better to stay ignorant, because this character plays a significant role in the latter half of Anime Season 2, in the final part of the Shibuya Jihen (Shibuya Incident Arc). (Might not appear in the anime as it's quite late in the season, but might appear)
However, it's not good to have no information, so let me introduce him a little. Zenin Naoya is the current head of the Zenin family where Fushiguro Touji was born. Touji-San and he are cousins.
Born into the excellent Zenin family of sorcerers, Touji-San fled from the Zenin family. And now, Naoya-San, who serves as the head of such a Zenin family...... There must be a fate between the two cousins, and they stand in opposite positions......
In the manga, the relationship between these two is well portrayed, making them a very popular combination! It seems there may be a slight mention of their relationship in Anime Season 2, and they have a deep connection, so if you don't know them, please stay that way!
Jujutsu Kaisen (Sorcery Fight)

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