【SUPER COMIC CITY Kansai 29】Held on 8/20!

Hello everyone~! I'm Saori from Otaku Republic!
Now! The super big Doujinshi event, Comiket, which is held twice a year, was held the other day...... but there's another notable Doujinshi event coming up!
Yes! SUPER COMIC CITY Kansai 29! There are Doujinshi of anime, games, and manga works popular among women, like 【Slam Dunk, Jujutsu Kaisen】. Check them out before they sell out!

【SUPER COMIC CITY Kansai 29】Held on 8/20!


Check out the popular works of SUPER COMIC CITY Kansai 29 from here!

Top 100 SUPER COMIC CITY Kansai 29 this week
The number of Doujinshi released is considerably higher this August due to the impact of three super-large Doujinshi events being held! If you want to check out all the Doujinshi, including non-event ones, please check from New Arrivals Aug 2023!

●To check all the Doujinshi of August, see the New Arrivals Aug 2023 page!

New Arrivals Aug 2023
If an event is held, and pre-orders are closed, and you can't buy the Doujinshi you want...... please feel free to send a request! There's no guarantee you can definitely buy it, but Otaku Republic members will research to see if they can find it somewhere in Japan!

If there's a Doujinshi you want but can't buy, try sending a request!
Two ways to request to suit your style!

●Request in bulletin board style!
Requests Board where you can refer to what others are requesting

Requests Board

●Request one-on-one! Contact Us in email format, so others can't check

Contact Us


●Check here for Doujinshi from Comiket 102 (Summer 2023), held on 8-12・13, where over 10,000 new Doujinshi were released!

Comiket 102 (Summer 2023)
See you next time around! Let's meet in the next article!

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