【Coupling Column】Vol.57 Golden Kamuy

* This Coupling Column is written under the author’s preference. We know all the Couplings in the world have full of freedom and love, and anybody has his/her own preference.

Sugimoto Saichi x Ogata Hyakunosuke

Relationship between the two: They will never trust each other, rivals who try to take each other's lives

Who is Sugimoto Saichi?

A young man with exceptionally high physical abilities, known by the nickname “Immortal Sugimoto.”
He came to look for a gold nugget that is said to have been left by the Ainu people living in Hokkaido to earn money for the medical treatment of his deceased friend's wife. However, after hearing the story from an Ainu named Asirpa in the local area, he learns that the nugget was stolen from the Ainu and decides to cooperate to recover it, being so good-natured.

Who is Ogata Hyakunosuke?

A soldier who came to control Hokkaido, where the Ainu people live, and one of the Imperial Army.
He follows his leader Tsuruoka, who ignores orders and plans to steal the gold nugget. But......?
His personality is extremely calm and composed, and he is one of the best snipers in the work, competing for the top spot. Basically cruel, he does not mistreat the weak, children, or the elderly and has a polite side.
These two are incredibly popular characters and are a duo that temporarily teams up and fights to the death countless times within the work. Sometimes Sugimoto helps Ogata when he's in a pinch, but when that happens, Sugimoto clearly says.
“I didn't save you because I like you, you bat bastard.”
Ogata knows Tsuruoka's plan and betrays it to oppose it, sometimes going back and forth...... They repeat this.
Even though they highly recognize each other's abilities, they see each other as an opponent that they can never let their guard down because they are strong. It's a good relationship, isn't it?

Hanazawa Yuusaku x Ogata Hyakunosuke

The relationship between the two: half-siblings who could never understand each other again

Who is Hanazawa Yuusaku?

Ogata's half-brother, a young man who died in battle before the story began. He served as a flag-bearer in the military, and it is said that he may have been a person just as described because the conditions for taking up that post were handsome appearance, excellent grades, and integrity.
Basically, he appears in Ogata's reminiscences, evoking past memories and current events.
The relationship between these two is all summed up in Season 3 Episode 10. Almost everything about Yuusaku is explained in that episode, so I think your understanding will improve considerably just by watching this one episode!
If I were to explain just a little, Yuusaku, though not related by blood, greatly admired the excellent and kind Ogata, embracing him as a true brother.
How Ogata felt about Yuusaku like that...... is a secret directly connected to the relationship between these two, and it is also a factor that makes Season 3 Episode 10 a very impressive episode.

Koito Otonoshin x Tsukishima

The relationship between the two: They are very close, despite everything. A younger superior and older subordinate.

Who is Koito Otonoshin?

A soldier who follows Tsurumi's plot to take over gold left by the Ainu people.
He truly admires Tsurumi and constantly carries his photo, looking at it with respect. When in Tsurumi's presence, he gets very nervous, sometimes speaking in his native language, and although his klutzy side stands out, his combat ability as a soldier is quite high.

Who is Tsukishima?

He is Koito's subordinate, as explained above, and is a younger subordinate who is swung around by his overly unorthodox behavior.
Basically, the boss works in secret, disobeying military orders, and because the superior is too unconventional, he always plays the role of a calm and composed stopper.
Well, these two are interesting.
In the work, they are two subordinates of Tsurumi, who is in a scheming position, and they are like a mood maker when they are together, with a younger superior and older subordinate, comic and straight-man, troublemaker and stopper.
Even in the rather brutal world of Golden Kamuy, they are a presence that makes you chuckle!
However, as the story progresses, the relationship between these two gradually changes...... or rather, they come to know the terrifying nature of Tsurumi's speculations.
What changes will be seen at that time...... that's also a point that many fans love!
Golden Kamuy

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