Popular “Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)” characters in X Reader!


What is X Reader?

X Reader is a term used in secondary creations known as “Yumehon” in Japan. It's a creative genre that depicts interactions between copyrighted characters from manga or games and original characters prepared by the reader (writer).
Depending on the writer, the relationship can vary, such as being depicted as a friendship with an original character or a work depicting a romantic relationship. By introducing original characters that do not originally appear in the work, it is a popular creative genre that can express personalities and behaviors that copyrighted characters do not usually show, without changing the relationship with other copyrighted characters in the same work.
※When introducing characters, it includes some spoilers up to what is currently being aired in the anime. Please be careful!

Rengoku Kyoujurou x Reader (Female)


What is Rengoku Kyoujurou?

Rengoku Kyoujurou is one of the “Hashira” executives of The Demon Slayer Corps, and also an “Enbashira” who fights by imbuing his blade with flames.
His personality is truly passionate like “flames”, and he has a brave and resolute character. Although he has some simple aspects, he is caring towards his subordinates, kind, and fights without hesitation or doubt to protect people from demons, with a particularly strong sense of justice.
Among the Hashira, he is particularly skilled and recognized as a strong warrior by other Hashira as well. His brave fighting spirit and the feelings of valuing his comrades and people have had a great impact on Kamado Tanjirou, who has just met him.
Speaking of Rengoku-San, he is a key character in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Movie: Mugen Train. Rengoku-San is not just strong, but also caring towards his comrades, has a younger brother, and has a very kind personality. In the anime version, there is a scene where he kindly approaches a girl who is being attacked by a demon in an original episode. You might imagine what it would be like to talk to him if you became a friend...... or rather a subordinate!
Kimetsu no Yaiba has an official school parody manga, Kimetsu Gakuen!, and there are also X Reader books where you can get along with Rengoku-San in modern times! By the way, in Kimetsu Gakuen!, Rengoku-San teaches history with passionate guidance!

Tomioka Giyuu x Reader (Female)


What is Tomioka Giyuu?

Tomioka Giyuu is one of the leaders of The Demon Slayer Corps, known as “Hashira”, and is also a “Mizubashira” who fights by imbuing his blade with water.
His personality is calm and composed. Although he could be described as very dry, he is often seen as lacking in explanations and shows compassion to the weak.
As a warrior who battles demons, his physical abilities are outstanding, and especially his judgment is depicted as exceptionally high within the manga.
In the first episode, when he met Tanjirou, he gave stern but accurate advice regarding the handling of Nezuko, who had turned into a demon, creating the opportunity for Tanjirou to join The Demon Slayer Corps. Without this decision, the story of Kimetsu no Yaiba would not have begun, and it can be rephrased that the story started because of Giyuu.
Giyuu-San is really a representative cool character who is calm and composed and a wonderful character! The impact when he first met Tanjirou is very strong, but in the scenes where he fights alongside Tanjirou later on...... or rather, when you get to know the secret inner aspects that had not been depicted before, you might come to like him even more! Although he is calm and composed, his heart is surprisingly delicate and easily hurt.
By the way, in Kimetsu Gakuen! he is a physical education teacher, but because his classes are so strict, he is feared by the students, and parents have complained. The character setting has been polished with a surreal touch more than in the main story. Isn't it cute? I love his cool impression in the main story, and the naturally funny Giyuu-San in Kimetsu Gakuen! makes you want to be friends with him!

Kamado Tanjirou x Reader (Female)


What is Kamado Tanjirou?

Kamado Tanjirou is the main character of Kimetsu no Yaiba, a kind-hearted boy who risks his life to save his sister Nezuko, who has turned into a demon.
Originally, he was living peacefully with his family in the mountains, but while he was away, they were attacked by demons, and Nezuko turned from a human into a demon. He joins The Demon Slayer Corps on the advice of Tomioka Giyuu.
His personality is always bright, never without a smile. He is clear and doesn't hide things, and his too-honest behavior sometimes points out the truth but can also cause trouble. Since he was the eldest son in a large family, he has a side that points out the bad aspects of his friends, like a big brother.
If you become friends with Tanjirou, he seems to encourage you in various things, and he seems to praise a lot for what you are working hard at! He has a straightforward personality, continuing to work tirelessly towards his goals, and his kind demeanor towards many people is also very nice!
Tanjirou is living a peaceful school life as a first-year high school student in Kimetsu Gakuen! I wanted to see such a figure...... In the school parody, his home seems to have changed to a bakery, so I want to eat the bread that Tanjirou baked too......!
Kimetsu no Yaiba X Reader
Kimetsu no Yaiba
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