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What is X Reader?

X Reader is a term used in secondary creations known as “Yumehon” in Japan. It's a creative genre that depicts interactions between copyrighted characters from manga or games and original characters prepared by the reader (writer).
Depending on the writer, the relationship can vary, such as being depicted as a friendship with an original character or a work depicting a romantic relationship. By introducing original characters that do not originally appear in the work, it is a popular creative genre that can express personalities and behaviors that copyrighted characters do not usually show, without changing the relationship with other copyrighted characters in the same work.
* When introducing characters, it includes some spoilers up to what is currently being aired in the anime. Please be careful!

Ogata Hyakunosuke x Reader


Who is Ogata Hyakunosuke?

Ogata Hyakunosuke is a skilled sniper who participated in the battle for the hidden Ainu gold. Ogata belongs to a squadron led by Tsurumi, who is scheming to obtain not only the Ainu's gold but also Hokkaido itself.
Tsurumi is trying to obtain the gold and Hokkaido in defiance of the orders he received from the country, and Ogata is considering defection from Tsurumi whenever there's a chance. Therefore, he sometimes acts together with Sugimoto and others who should be his enemies, so he is a character who can be both an enemy and an ally.
He is generally calm and composed in nature, but he shows mercy to those who are weaker than him, as well as to the elderly and children.
He is very principled and has a polite side, and somehow has a personality that can't be completely hated.
Oh, this man has lots of elements that make him popular, and I love him too. He seems like an enemy, but he's cool and principled, and somehow endearing. But he shows no mercy to his enemies, and he has sweet parts as well as extremely cool parts. That's exactly why he's so attractive.
Actually, in response to a question from the voice actors of Golden Kamuy, 'What if the characters were living in modern times?', the author answered that Ogata would probably be a dentist in a regional city if he came to the present day. Therefore, in X Reader books, there are many books featuring being friendly with Ogata in this modern setting!

Sugimoto Saichi x Reader


Who is Sugimoto Saichi?

Sugimoto Saichi is the protagonist of 'Golden Kamuy'.
To secure the medical expenses for the wife of his deceased friend, he heads to Hokkaido to pan for gold, aiming to make a fortune. In the midst of this, he accidentally learns of a rumor about a stash of gold hidden by the Ainu, and ends up pursuing an escaped prisoner who knows the whereabouts of the hidden gold, together with a girl named Asirpa who is also seeking the hidden gold.
His personality is clearly seen in the description above, he is extremely kind, never forgets the favors he has received, and cherishes children and the elderly. He has lost his family to illness and is an orphan. He has a childlike side, being curious and fond of cute things.
However, his combat ability is extremely high, and he was once called 'Immortal Sugimoto' because he had been to the battlefield and survived many times. Even though Asirpa, who joined him in the search for the gold, is younger, he respects her as his survival mentor and calls her 'Asirpa-San'.
Although the previously introduced Ogata was a character who harbors extremes within his kindness, Sugimoto is a personification of kindness and obligation, so it's easy to understand why people would want to become friends with him! Even within Golden Kamuy, where the scramble for gold takes place, Sugimoto's kindness is portrayed so strongly that it feels almost out of place.
By the way, according to an interview with the author, if Sugimoto lived in the modern era, he might have been a representative of a minor sport in Japan......? It seems like he would still be thriving in the modern era...... and you'd want to support him. His character really suits a smile!

Koito Otonoshin x Reader


Who is Koito Otonoshin?

Koito Otonoshin, as you can see from the image above, is a character who admires Tsurumi, who is part of a faction seeking gold. He always carries a bromide of Tsurumi and looks at it every chance he gets.
He was raised in a wealthy family and is an excellent military officer who graduated from a military academy. Therefore, he is naive about the ways of the world and often lets his guard down. This has led him to be judged as inferior by Asirpa-San when they are in conflict, and his lack of knowledge often leads him into trouble.
However, his combat ability as a soldier and occasional judgment are so high that they repeatedly corner the antagonistic Sugimoto, giving him a strong presence. Among the characters of Golden Kamuy, who have various emotions and are aiming for the gold nugget, he is a character who continues to trust Tsurumi with a straightforward personality.
He's not a bad boy...... He's not bad, but he has such a strong character that he's adorable. I get it. He's often depicted in a bad light because he's so devoted to Tsurumi, but his personality itself is very straightforward, and his occasional incredible combat ability makes him a very attractive character!
By the way, according to an interview with the author, if he were living in the modern world, he would be working in a men's fashion store in a historic department store in Japan. I can totally see that...... He's known for his purity, so it would be interesting to see that side of him!
Golden Kamuy X Reader
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