Popular “Osomatsu-san” characters in X Reader!


What is X Reader?

X Reader is a term used in secondary creations known as “Yumehon” in Japan. It's a creative genre that depicts interactions between copyrighted characters from manga or games and original characters prepared by the reader (writer).
Depending on the writer, the relationship can vary, such as being depicted as a friendship with an original character or a work depicting a romantic relationship. By introducing original characters that do not originally appear in the work, it is a popular creative genre that can express personalities and behaviors that copyrighted characters do not usually show, without changing the relationship with other copyrighted characters in the same work.
※When introducing characters, it includes some spoilers up to what is currently being aired in the anime. Please be careful!

Karamatsu x Reader (Female)


●Who is Karamatsu?

Karamatsu is the second eldest of the sextuplets.
All of the sextuplets are adults and none of them have a steady job.
He has a painfully narcissistic personality, often using fancy phrases and striking cool poses whenever he can.
However, as one of the older brothers, he is relatively calm and, despite his embarrassing behavior, has a reasonable amount of common sense.
So, when trouble occurs, he often gets involved and is frequently the one trying to stop the six of them when they are up to no good.
Because of this, he often listens to the troubles and stories of his brothers, but his usual behavior is so pretentious that he often gets ignored by his brothers.
Karamatsu is truly, his behavior is a bit ostentatious, but as the anime progresses through the second and third seasons, you'll see more and more of his sensible and kind-hearted side, which is one of his charms!
If asked who I'd like to be friends with among the sextuplets...... Personality-wise...... Well...... Karamatsu...... Yes...... Karamatsu...... If asked if I want to go so far as to be friends with him, I'm afraid I might get swayed around a lot, and he might ask me to lend him money! So the other five are a bit scary, but I think the somewhat timid and kind Karamatsu would be nice. (Sorry if that sounds condescending)

Ichimatsu x Reader (Female)


●Who is Ichimatsu?

Ichimatsu is the fourth eldest of the sextuplets.
Ichimatsu also does not have a regular job. He is quite a negative and cynical character, often quietly making sarcastic comments in the corner of the room when he has nothing to do.
He boasts that he doesn't need friends, but in reality, he is a loner and would like to get along well with both friends and brothers. Cats are his friends. However, if you point that out, he gets extremely angry, which can cause trouble.
Being classified among the younger three of the six brothers, he sometimes shows his younger brother-like side.
I think Ichimatsu is the most brother-like character among the six brothers! I think Todomatsu is definitely the most cunning, but he often needs care, tends to get depressed, and often relies on his older brothers and younger brothers, so I think he's somehow cute!
It's not uncommon for serious trouble to occur due to his negativity, but that's also what makes him cute. However, when asked if I want to be friends...... well...... um...... Let's move on to the next character introduction!

Osomatsu x Reader (Female)


●What is Osomatsu?

Osomatsu is the eldest son among the sextuplets.
Osomatsu also does not have a steady job. He is a freewheeling good-for-nothing character who loves fun things, is basically irresponsible, and doesn't cause too much trouble.
It's questionable whether he realizes he's the eldest son, but sometimes he shows leadership that is not usually seen when something happens or when facing a problem.
However, he is a “miracle” being that has grown up without developing the sensibility he had in elementary school. When his younger brothers grow up and their perspective on things changes, Osomatsu alone sometimes points out the truth with his pure sensibility.
Osomatsu is basically a really irresponsible good-for-nothing, but occasionally he shows his eldest son-like side, which is attractive. He often encourages others and takes the initiative to solve problems when his brothers are down in movies or special editions.
But at the same time, I think he's a character who's more obsessed with the 'Sextuplets' than anyone else. He seems to want to stay the same and have fun with his six brothers, and he seems a little lonely when he sees his other brothers growing up. You might find life more enjoyable if you try to interact with him more! He's really nice to his beloved Totoko-Chan, and he might even be considerate......?
Osomatsu-san X Reader

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