【Comiket 102】 Scheduled for August 12-13! What kind of event is Comiket 102, the World's Largest Doujinshi Event?

Hello everyone! The summer festival is coming soon! I'm the Boss from Otaku Republic and I'm very excited!
Hello everyone! When this event comes, it feels like summer is in full swing! I'm Saori from Otaku Republic and I'm also looking forward to it!!
That's right! Soon in Japan, a large-scale event is held twice a year! Summer and winter, it's the world's largest Doujinshi event that excites the hearts of all people who love Doujinshi!!

【Comiket 102】 Scheduled for 8/12-8/13! What kind of event is Comiket 102, the world's largest Doujinshi Event?


Scheduled for 8/12-8/13! What kind of event is Comiket 102?

Comiket 102 (Summer 2023)
To recap, what kind of event was Comiket again?
In a word, it's a fan exchange event for people who love anime, manga, games, and so on. The Doujinshi sale I explained earlier is part of that fan exchange event, and there are places to showcase cosplay, and official companies also sell merchandise in advance.
The event duration isn't that long, but it's a large-scale event with about 500,000 people visiting!
That's right. However, I believe there might still be restrictions on the number of attendees this year to prevent the spread of infection. People who can enter need to win a pre-determined lottery, but the Doujinshi set to be released can be purchased even if you don't go to the Comiket venue, so I'd love for you to check out new Doujinshi of genres you're interested in!

●Here are the anime, game, and manga titles that will have Doujinshi released in particular at Comiket 102 (Summer 2023)!

Blue Archive
Virtual Youtuber
Genshin Impact
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Biohazard (Resident Evil) / Krauser x Leon (思い出になるまで) / Fuego
Doujinshi - The Legend of Zelda / Link x Princess Zelda (APPLE TIME) / YAMORI屋
Doujinshi - Code Geass / Lelouch Lamperouge x C.C. (NOISEless Vol.2) / CREAYUS
Doujinshi - Illustration book - Genshin Impact / Ganyu & Yae Miko (My Teyvat log) / CHAGESO

Updated weekly! Only the Comiket 102 Doujinshi that are particularly attracting attention are lined up! If you want to check the top 100 popular rankings, this is the page!

Top 100 Comiket 102 (Summer 2023) this week

Can't buy Doujinshi, why not try a request? You might be able to buy it! We introduce two types of request methods!

●Request in bulletin board format! You can check how other people are making requests on the Requests Board!

Requests Board

●Request by email format! It's a one-to-one exchange so others can't check it! Contact Us!

Contact Us
During the month when Comiket is held, the number of new Doujinshi released can exceed 10,000! Since it's also a time when new releases are released daily or reservations start being accepted, please be sure to check it out!
Comiket 102 (Summer 2023)

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